A Place to Dance In North Philly


Bella Ballerina Dance Academy owner Roneisha Smith-Davis

A former Temple University student has opened her very own dance studio in back her North Philadelphia neighborhood.

Roneisha Smith-Davis has been dancing for nearly 24 years, and her talent has allowed to her to travel all over. From coast to coast, Ms. Davis has gathered plenty of experience, even attempting to dance for several professional basketball teams.

However, her dancing skills have led to her return to North Philadelphia where she opened Bella Ballerina Dance Academy.

“I said that when I opened up a studio, if I was fortunate enough to open it up. I would bring it back to the hood because growing up in North Philadelphia I always had to travel and learn elsewhere,” explains Ms. Davis. “I couldn’t really perfect my craft here in my home.”

Located at 1124 Buttonwood Street, Ms. Davis’ studio has allowed her students to escape their surrounding environment by being able to dance freely and express themselves in a comfortable setting. Many of her students are very appreciative of Ms. Davis, due to the fact that dancing has allowed them to cope through difficult times.

“After my mom passed and Ms. Roneisha gave me a scholarship to dance here, I’ve been dancing here to grieve and let go of all the emotion I had and try to be something,” says student Natyria Ransom.

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  1. Janie Mitchell

    BBDA is much more than a dance school, offer youth the opportunity to learning the Art of dance, the director’s passion for all her students and the Arts shows in every step they take.

  2. Sharon Smith

    Awesome! Simply Awesome!!!!!


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