Voice TU Campaigning for Your Vote in the TSG 2018 Election

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Lead by presidential candidate Tyler Lum, Voice TU stands atop a platform based on three major themes: unite, grow, and advocate.  Lum and his Vice Presidents, Bridget Warlea and Almas Ayaz, believe that students should make their voices heard.

“We want student to be vocal about issues. We want students to voice their opinion, whether that be in a formal or informal setting, and we want them to know that we have their back as far as in making sure that they are heard,” says Lum.

Voice TU believes in mending the current relationship with the North Philadelphia community and Temple students. Although not in their official platform, Voice TU has expressed opposition to the university’s plans for an on-campus stadium.

“The university needs to understand that there should not be a stadium here in North Philadelphia and that is because it is not beneficial for anyone or any stakeholders currently at the table,” Lum explains.

The campaign plans to unite Temple by directly addressing hate-speech, expanding resources for sexual assault survivors, creating more attainable child care services around campus, and expanding resources for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Voice TU also will advocate for a safer campus with the implementation of active shooter drills, and for more housing options that match the economic needs of the student population.

Reforming Temple Student Government is another goal for the Voice TU team.  They aim to strengthen Parliament’s transparency by establishing a communications team, and reform the Ethics Board to increase accountability.

The most important thing to the Voice TU campaign is having a voice on the Board of Trustees.

“Right now we don’t have a vote on the Board of Trustees and as student being I would say the most important thing at this university, I think it is important that we have a voice at the table,” says Lum. “Right now we are given a seat and sometimes given a mic to speak at those Board of Trustees meeting but never given a vote.”

Voice TU’s full platform is available to read here.

Diamond Marching Band Holds Annual Indoor Concert

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Diamond Marching Band had their annual indoor concert Sunday afternoon.

The band played 39 songs, including T for Temple U and the Temple Fight song.

Throughout the concert, some members went up to the front of the stage to dance.

The band calls themselves “The Pride of the Cherry and White.” The band includes opportunities for color guard, instrumentalists, and twirlers from every school and college at Temple University.

More information about the band and upcoming performances can be found here.

Circus at Fairmount Park: UniverSoul Circus

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UniverSoul Circus is celebrating its 24th year of family entertainment.

The interactive circus will have people out of their seats dancing and laughing. Just like all circuses, it has a variety of animals and mouth-dropping acts. But what makes this circus so unique is its traditional soul line.

Temple Update met up with the ringleader sidekick, Zeke, who said that, “We have new acts that are out of this world. But then we also have our traditional things.”

The UniverSoul Circus consists of many different acts, but also tries to get the community of Philadelphia involved.

For its opening act, the circus had youth dancers from all over Philadelphia dance for the opening shows. This circus does not just cater to kids, it caters to adults as well.

Michael Martin of Burlington, New Jersey told Temple Update that he relives his childhood through the circus.

“I’m actually reliving my childhood through my grandchildren and the circus. So, I’m a big kid at the circus,” said Martin.

UniverSoul Circus is also home of Fresh the Clown. He told us, “Because of the clown stuff that has been happening, it kind of helped our image. Kids now look at us as superheroes or super clowns.”  

People can head down to Fairmount Park to watch the circus in person Tuesday through Sunday. Show times and tickets can be found at http://www.universoulcircus.com.

MCPB Hosts Fall Fest

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Temple Students are fall-ing into the joy of Autumn.

Temple’s Main Campus Program Board hosted its second annual Fall Fest on October 25th. Students took a break from their classes to come out and enjoy the warm, breezy weather. They had the opportunity to participate in the making of DIY pumpkins and Mason jars. MCPB Director of Events, Valeria Lopez told Temple Update, “it is really de-stressing especially during all of the school work and midterms. I think that it was great over all.”

MCPB had a scary aspect to the fest. This marks the first time that Temple has ever had a haunted trailer on campus. Temple Update was not allowed to film inside the trailer, but did to speak to  students about their experience. Freshmen Jared Blank told us it was not what he expected, as the trailer was smaller than he originally anticipated. However, he said that did not hinder the scariness of the experience.

Students not only took advantage of the activities, but the food as well. Fall Fest served the traditional festival foods of cotton candy, candy apples, popcorn, and funnel cake. Many students enjoyed the free food and came back for more. Main Campus Program Board will be hosting another event in December and throughout the year. For more information about those events follow them, @TempleMCPB, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

27th Annual Outfest Hosted in Philly

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For many LGBTQ members, it is often hard to find a place of comfort to be themselves. Events like Philadelphia’s 27th annual Outfest are designed for the LGTBQ community to come out essentially and have fun with friends and family.

Drag shows, games, bar crawls were just some of the events that are featured at the 27th celebration of Outfest, which was hosted by Philly Pride, a local Gay Pride organization.

Drag shows were a popular part of Outfest.

“When we get together, we try to provide each other with tools, so we can go back to our impoverished parish communities, so we bring about more LGTBQ-inclusive change,” says Seth Jacobson, a volunteer from a Catholic church community that accepts LGBTQ members.

“I think discrimination needs to stop, it doesn’t matter who you are, we all bleed the same color,” says Frank Rosario, founder of the LGBT Bill of Rights.

Temple students, church volunteers, Philly residents, and Temple alumni were just some of the people spotted at Outfest. This year’s event also featured musical performances by LGBTQ members.

“Those of you who feel like you don’t belong to anything, there’s a community here waiting to take you with open arms,” says David Doty, a Temple Law student.

This year’s Outfest ran from 12 PM to 6 PM, and was hosted on 13th and Locust in Center City.

For more information on the LGBT Bill of Rights visit lgbtbacker.com.

Terror Behind the Walls is Back

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Terror Behind the Walls is back in Philadelphia. Opening day was last Friday, September 22, and Temple Update was there to get a sneak peak.

Terror Behind the Walls is a massive haunted house that is located inside of a real prison. It features six attractions that people are able to walk through.

Its newest attraction is called Blood Yard, which focuses on the prisoners that were left in prison. This attraction shows what the prisoners had to do to survive.

Terror Behind the Walls also provides a “After Dark VIP” tour where people can get an hour-long guided flashlight tour. There is also an option to order a Hex pass. Hex passes allow patrons to enter six secret rooms before each attraction, where they are dared to step further into the story.

Outside of general admission, discounted student tickets are also available. This promotion is only available during student days, which are every Sunday starting at 7:30pm.

Tickets are available online or at the venue. More information can be found at https://www.easternstate.org/halloween/.