Update Abroad: London on a Budget

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How have Temple students managed living in the most expensive city in the world for an entire semester? With a skill that every college student has learned to master: budgeting. We recently spoke with students about the best tips to saving money while making the most of their time in the United Kingdom.
“You can have a good time on a tight budget. It’s definitely not impossible to not go crazy spending and still have a good time over here,” said Temple student Steven Bohnel. 
From grocery shopping to finding the perfect Christmas gift, the Owls living in London have cracked the code to living abroad while saving money.

NFL Arrives in London

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One of America’s most beloved sports is headed to London for a limited time, with NFL teams facing off at Wembley Stadium! The NLF is typically recognized as an American league; but it has gained a large following of dedicated fans in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. With people flying from Germany and the Netherlands just to see a real NFL game in person, Wembley Stadium hosted over 83,000 sports fans during its first NFL game.

Football has its own culture in the United States, which many UK and European fans are eager to adapt. Traditions such as tailgating and body paint can now be found outside of the stadium when the NFL comes to the city. German fans Sebastian, Leonard, and Mauricio even brought burger patties, buns, and cheese to Wembley Stadium, in hopes of getting a small taste of American sports culture with a fun tailgate party.

Even though the world is separated by language and cultural barriers, sports is the one unifying factor that can bring people all over the world together to enjoy a fun and exciting game.