Lo último – 21 de febrero de 2018

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En este episodio, hablamos con los puertorriqueños que se afectaron por el huracán María y han tomaron refugio en Filadelfia. Hay un despensa de alimentarios nueva en campus en el centro de estudiantil. Además, tenemos lo último sobre el terremoto en México. ¡Gracias por mirando!

The Holiday Season in Philadelphia

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The holiday season is in the air in Philadelphia. Young and old crowd into Macy’s for the light show before starting their holiday shopping. And Christmas carols floated through Center City’s Christmas Village sung by a local high school a cappella group. The audience even joined in on the singing before wandering off to the various vendors within Christmas Village.

Hot sausages and ornaments to write your Christmas wishes were for sale. We even met a special visitor, Santa Clause, who loves visiting the kids in Philadelphia.

Christmas wishes

It is Ernest Roebuck’s second year being Santa Clause at the Christmas Village. “I really enjoy the excitement from the children. And you can see in their eyes that they truly believe. It’s just so thrilling you know, to know that they are so young and innocent and just believe in something. It’s good.”

While ice skating around the rink at Dilworth Park, we asked a few kids to share with us what they are asking from Santa this year. Isaiah says, “An xbox, I want an xbox!” And his friend Victor had an unusual reply, “A pet rat…because my mom said I could get one!”

Dilworth park has ice skating until February and even offers some college discounts to those who come on Thursday nights. Temple students always receive $1 off their ice skate rental.

Ice skaters at Dilworth Park

The sound of the skates mixes with the ringing bells from the Salvation Army and the local street performers surrounding City Hall in the holiday spirit. As people pass into the courtyard they are greeted by the twinkling lights of the Christmas Carousel.

Carousel attendant, Eric Marchione, is the third generation manager of the carousels in his family business. He says, “I just enjoy doing it. It’s a unique thing. Its normally our off-season and it’s just something nice that we can extend into the Christmas months. The kids love it, and it’s just nice to see everyone moving around the circle waving and yelling Merry Christmas. It’s awesome.”


Mayor Kenney Says He Wants To Replace the School Reform Commission

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One week ago, Mayor Kenney announced his plan to replace the School Reform Commission (SRC) with a school board that he would appoint. If the SRC chooses to dissolve before the end of the year, they would be officially out of power as of June 2018.

“For too long, we have pointed fingers at each other, whether it be traditional public schools and public charter schools or city elected officials, and state elected officials. Again and again we have told the people of Philadelphia that the state of their schools are  someone else’s responsibility. That ends today,” said Mayor Kenney during his speech last Thursday.

He announced his plan to implement a nine member school board that would be appointed by him and approved by city council. This plan would make sure the city is being held accountable for Philadelphia’s school system.

Professor Brook-Dupree taught in the Philadelphia School District for 30 years.

Early childhood education professor at Temple, Professor Brook-Dupree, taught in the Philadelphia School District for thirty years. She agreed with the mayor’s decision saying,“This city will know our needs, will know neighborhoods, will know communities, will have that feeling that they know what our needs are, rather than somebody who is so removed from it (like in) Harrisburg.”

The School Reform Commission was implemented sixteen years ago. It is a group of 5 members, appointed by Harrisburg and the mayor, and it allows for the state and city to have joint control of the school district.

The Chair of the SRC, Joyce Wilkerson, says that she believes joint control is no longer necessary, “When the state stepped in, it did it at a time of financial crisis for the district, for a few years there was extra revenue, but that quickly went by the wayside.”

The SRC must vote for itself to dissolve. As a five member committee needing majority rule, only three members must vote in favor of the dissolution. Then, it must be ratified by the State Department of Education and 180 days later it would be officially gone. And Philadelphia would have local control of their education system.

Mayor Kenney says he wants the city to have local control of the Philadelphia School District.

“We need something that is close to the city. Close to the kids who has children here. That’s a big deal,” says Professor Brook-Dupree.



Temple Volleyball Digs in to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Pink jerseys, out-flags and lines graced McGonigal Hall as the Owls took on the Cincinnati Bearcats.

While Temple took the match three sets to one, the real winner was breast cancer research.

The unfortunate truth is that breast cancer is one of those diseases that most are too familiar with, either having relatives affected or even having fought it off themselves.

Volleyball head coach Bakeer Ganesharatnam enjoyed a three to one victory in the Dig Pink game, but was more focused on the cause for this month of awareness as well as year-round.

“So every year we have the goal; a certain goal and I believe the last couple years we were able to meet the goal. This is an awful disease and we’re just happy that we can be a small part in finding a cure for this,” said Ganesharatnam.

The team has a donation site for this month and while the effort is slow rolling, Ganesharatnam and his team are confident that their efforts among others locally and nationally will prove fruitful.

The Owls volleyball team has been dedicating games to Dig Pink for quite some time now but it’s Dr. Katheryn Evers, radiologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center, who has seen events like this really get the point across.

“There’s been a 40% decrease in breast cancer mortality since the late 80’s,” said Evers. “That’s been due to a combination of better diagnosis, more people getting mammograms and better mammograms, and improvements in the treatments, mostly chemotherapy.”
Be sure to check out the Owls in action this Fall as well as see what you can do to bring awareness as well as contributions to those who could use support or even just a pink ribbon in your area.

El primer episodio de Lo último de este semestre

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En este episodio, cubrimos la visita del Presidente Trump a Puerto Rico, las últimas actualizaciones de la isla recuperándose de los desastrosos huracanes, y una mirada interior a las protestas de Venezuela el pasado verano. Le damos detalles sobre la declaración del Presidente Trump sobre la inminente sustitución de DACA. Y luego, hacemos la transición a lo último en deportes de Temple antes de Kristine nos da el pronóstico del tiempo de esta semana. ¡ Gracias por sintonizar!

Vigilia en memoria de estudiante asesinada

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La comunidad del Temple se unió en luto por la muerte de la estudiante, Jenna Burleigh, el jueves 7 de septiembre de 2017.

Un memorial temporal para Jenna Burleigh. Foto por Michelle Severino.

El gobierno de los estudiantes del Temple y Progressive NAACP organizaron la vigilia en el Founder’s Garden. Regalaron flores para colocar bajo un memorial temporal y cartas de simpatía para enviar a su familia.

Muchas personas ofrecieron sus condolencias y dolor, incluyendo al Presidente de Temple, Richard Englert. Nos mencionó antes del evento que está tan impresionado por la respuesta de la universidad a esta tragedia. “For our student leaders to do this kind of a vigil today, it is so heart-warming, not only to the Temple University community, but just think how it will be for the Burleigh family.”

El Presidente de Temple, Richard Englert, habla en la vigilia. Foto por Michelle Severino.

Burigh era un estudiante, de 22 años, estudiando cine y medios de comunicación en Temple. Ella había transferido recientemente desde Montgomery County Community College. La estudiante de Temple, Abby Sturgis, había asistido a la misma escuela secundaria que Burleigh, y ella habló de su pasión por el cine. “I do remember seeing a video that she made… It was I think a lip dub or a lip sync to Call Me Maybe that she involved the whole school. And it was just you could see that she loved doing what she did… You could just see her passion for it.”

Joshua Hupperterz, un ex-estudiante de Temple presuntamente asesinó a Burleigh el 31 de agosto. El cuerpo de Burleigh fue encontrado dos días más tarde en la casa de la abuela de Hupperterz en Wayne County. El 3 de septiembre fue acusado de asesinato, abuso de un cadáver, manipulación de pruebas y posesión de un instrumento de crimen.

El funeral de Burleigh fue el viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017 en Hatfield, Pennsylvania. En lugar de flores, su familia pidió donaciones para Jenna’s Blessing Bags for the Homeless. Fue un tiempo de duelo para una joven cuya vida se terminó demasiado rápido.

Los estudiantes honran a Jenna Burleigh en una vigilia. Foto por Michelle Severino.

Los estudiantes de Temple son animados a hablar con los consejeros en Tuttleman Counseling Services. El Presidente del cuerpo estudiantil, Tyrell Mann-Barnes, dice, “It’s okay to be upset. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be fine.  This is a horrible event, and I think that it’s important to actually acknowledge the resources we have on campus.”