Temple Students Take Advantage of Warmer Weather

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After weeks of cold weather and big coats, Temple students finally had the opportunity to hang out in the sun when temperatures hit in the 80’s this past weekend. Temple Owls were seen surrounding the Bell Tower playing Frisbee, hanging out in the grass, and laying in the sun.

One of these students taking advantage of the temperatures was sophomore Emma Lillianthal.

“So it’s kind of a big change from what has been previously happening with the weather. But, I am definitely enjoying it I really think that it brings like the whole community together on Temple’s campus and everybody kind of comes out and hangs out,” says Lillianthal.

Spending warm days on Temple’s Beury Beach is a tradition students have been looking forward to once spring weather hit. Hopefully, the spring weather will come to stay so that students can continue to enjoy Temple’s outdoor spaces.

Medical Students Discover their Match on Match Day

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As graduation season slowly approaches, many students are left to plan their next steps after college. For many medical students, the next destination was obvious, but whether they would be accepted was unclear until they opened their envelopes on Match Day.

Surrounded by their friends and families, four-year Temple medical students gathered with their placement envelopes in hand for Match Day. According to Dean Larry Kaiser of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, the day is one of the most important days in their lives.

“Match Day is the culmination of their medical education, at least the first part of it because it’s the time now they move on to their post-graduate education, the residency,” explains Kaiser.

The students interviewed at a variety of programs and made selections on where they hope to go after graduation. The envelopes held the acceptance letter to the program they were matched with.

After much anticipation, the time came for students to open up their envelopes and discover their residency placement for the first time.

Screams erupted as students in the lobby of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine read the letters.

“It’s the best moment ever. Of our lives pretty much,” students Kelsey Roe and Kate Donches excitedly stated. “What we’ve been working for for four years and we both got our first choices, which is out of this world.”

As these students head across the country into the next chapter of their lives, they have one thing in common. They are all Temple Made.

Summer Internship Assistance at the Career Center

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With the semester flying by, Temple students are beginning to focus on locking down summer internships.

The pressure of attaining experience outside of the classroom can be intimidating to many students, but with many resources on campus, there are ways to stay organized and ultimately alleviate some of the stress of job searching.

Sophomore Sydney Turturro, a theatre major, is one of the many students trying to get an internship for the summer. She has found her own way of keeping together all of the prospects that interest her in a Google spreadsheet.

“I have a spreadsheet of all the ones that I’ve applied to in theatre-related fields. At least twenty, probably not more that forty, so around that range,” says Turturro when asked how she keeps tracks of her applications.

Turturro has found that keeping a list will help her chances at receiving an offer, but also mentioned that Temple’s Career Center is helpful to students, but it is also about the initiative to make use of what is available on campus.

“It’s really a matter of you going out and trying to find the resources, they’re not going to hand them off to you,” she says. “If you aren’t trying to find the resources and the help that you need, it won’t just kind of fall in your lap.”

Temple University’s Career Center is an outlet that students can visit and get help from a career coach like Laura Craig, who is the Associate Director of Career Development. According to Craig, students are always welcome to stop by the Career Center by appointment or for a 15-minute walk-in session.

“Online students can access at temple.edu/careercenter, resources that include the Owl Network, which is where you can make an appointment to see a career coach. You can find out about job and internship opportunities and you can RSVP for not only career fairs, but a wide variety of other types of events,” says Craig.

Students interested in getting more information on the Career Center can stop by 220 Mitten Hall where they are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  

Construction on Temple’s Bell Tower is Complete

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Construction of the Bell Tower has come to an end after months of being closed off in the middle of Temple’s campus.

The purpose of the project was to put in a different permanent base surrounding the Bell Tower to give the area a new appearance.

Although the reassembly of Temple’s landmark blocked one of the main pathways that students use to get to class, it wasn’t too detrimental.

Sophomore Rachel Dettrey says, “It wasn’t too much in the way. I was still able to get to class. It definitely created more traffic though, in the the people walking.”

The Bell Tower and surrounding plaza come with a new name: Lenfest Circle. This change was in honor of longtime trustee, H.F Gerry Lenfest.

The Bell Tower’s makeover promotes a positive change as part of the many ongoing projects around campus.

Fox School Ranked No. 1 in U.S. & World News Report for Fourth Consecutive Year

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Temple University’s Fox School of Business is making national headlines regarding the excellence of their online MBA program. For the fourth year in a row, Fox was ranked No. 1 in U.S. News & World Report.

They also obtained high marks in another category with a No. 2 ranking in their online BBA program. With the competitive nature of these rankings, the Dean is incredibly proud of what these programs have been able to deliver while continuing to grow.

According to Dean M. Moshe Porat, the success can be specific aspects of their programs. “Convenience and flexibility are critical components of high-quality, online-based programs. As these programs grow in popularity, we at Fox are proud to deliver programs that are yearly ranked as either the best in the nation or among the best in their respective categories.”

Temple University Japan Students React to North Korea Missile Launch

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A missile was launched by North Korea just east of Japan on September 15th, causing Japan’s nationwide warning system “J-alert” to sound around Hokkaido.

Many Temple University students at the Japan campus were left with mixed feelings about their safety after receiving information in their email after the launch occurred.

Political Science Professor James Brown believes that students should stay informed on the situation.
“Students, if they are following the news… should feel a level of concern,” he said. “However, I wouldn’t want students to be overly alarmed by the situation.”
One student, Hannah Cooper, expressed her laid-back perspective.
“I personally don’t think there’s much of a point in being too worried about it because, on a personal level, there’s nothing I can do about it,” said Cooper. “If we get struck by a missile, we get struck by a missile, it’s over.”
Student’s at Temple’s Japan campus are all required to sign up for Internal SOS email updates, so if anything else were to happen, they would be aware of the situation very quickly.

Career Week Kicks Off

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Temple University Career Week has already kicked off and with it comes a variety of upcoming events tailored to engage students and help them take control of future job and internship opportunities.

On Friday the 29th from 10 AM to 3 PM, students can stop by the career center and many other academic buildings on campus to get their resume quickly checked by employers during the Rapid Resume Review event.

On October 2nd from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, students can stop by Mitten Hall in room 250 to attend the Career Fair Prep in order to get prepared and learn tips from employers on effectively navigating the upcoming Career Fair.

For the final event, there will be a Career Fair in the Student Center, room 200 from 11 AM to 2 PM on Wednesday, October 4th. Over 80 employees will be present hoping to hire students for a variety of jobs and internships. When attending the event, students are required to dress professionally.

Students can RSVP and get additional information on these events by visiting temple.edu/careercenter. They can also stop by the career center which is open weekdays from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Plans for On-Campus Stadium Continue

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During the recent State of University address, President Richard Englert informed students and faculty that Temple is still working towards their goals of having an on-campus stadium.

The plans for the stadium, which would be built on 15th Street between Montgomery and Norris, are for it to be a “multipurpose facility” that will have space for research, retail, and classrooms.

Englert discussed that the university is currently in the processing of making sure the stadium will positively impact the North Philadelphia community by conducting multiple studies on the possible campus stadium.

Student Body President Tyrell Mann-Barnes noted that he and his administration will continue to push for the stadium to “not negatively impact” the surrounding community in Philadelphia.

Grand Opening of New Public Safety Station

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On Monday, Temple University hosted the grand opening of the new public safety station.

Members of the Temple University Police Department, as well as Allied Universal and TUEMS, were invited to the event.

The new station is located at 1513 Cecil B. Moore Ave and is projected to be very beneficial to the university.

Temple Surpasses Fundraising Record

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During this past fiscal year, Temple University set a new record for fundraising which collectively surpassed $90 million dollars. The $90.6 million will go towards supporting many aspects of the University including students, faculty, research, community programs, campus improvements and much more.

This banner year’s success can be attributed to fundraising triumphs at various levels including the boost in alumni engagement, the increase in Conwell Society members, the maintenance in alumni donors, and the ability to sustain a high level of principal and major gift donors.

According to President Englert, “These results demonstrate the sustained strength and scope of Temple’s fundraising efforts as we expand our culture of philanthropy.”

Many schools benefited from this increase in donations including the Klein College of Media and Communication, which was renamed after Lew Klein in recognition of his six decades of teaching at Temple and the historic multimillion-dollar gift to the school from Lew and his wife, Janet.

Other schools were also recipients of an increase in funding this year. The Beasley School of Law and Boyer College of Music and Dance were both gifted $25,000 to acknowledge the highest increase in alumni participation over June 2016.

This new record has completely surpassed the previous 2015 record of $84.2 million and has the potential to exponentially grow in future years.