Temple’s WHIP Radio Takes Part in Vinylthon

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Temple’s own radio station, WHIP, will be joining over 90 other college radio stations in this year’s College Radio Day Vinylthon.

Starting Saturday, April 21st at noon, WHIP will be playing nothing but vinyl track for a full 24 hours. The station will be participating in the event as a part of an initiative by College Radio Day to mobilize schools across the country for the event.

College Radio Day is a non-profit collaboration founded by students and professors with the goal of bringing college radio stations together “to harness the combined listenership of hundreds of thousands of college radio listeners throughout the world and to celebrate the important contribution of college radio by uniting for this one day.”

While College Radio Day itself is not until October, the group hosts several other events throughout the year, including Vinylthon. According to College Radio Day founder, Dr. Rob Quicke, “the idea of this Vinylthon makes sense because college radio is still probably the only remaining medium that regularly plays music on vinyl. A lot of college students still buy vinyl at record stores and then bring them to the studio to play them on the air.”

This year’s Vinylthon will mark the third anniversary of the event. Those interested can tune into WHIP on iHeartRadio from start to finish Saturday.


TUTV Hosts Taste of Summer Event at The View

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Students today lined up outside the the View at the corner of 12th and Montgomery in celebration of today’s TUTV event.

Complete with a DJ and prize table, interested students lined up starting at noon today for free water ice and even a prize wheel to win some TUTV swag.

“It’s called Taste of Summer,” one of TUTV’s staff members told us. “We’re out here celebrating the end of the school year, with some water ice and prizes.”

Keep up with TUTV on Twitter and Instagram.


Andrea Constand Testifies in Cosby Trial

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Andrea Constand (Courtesy of AP Photo/Corey Perrine, Pool)

Andrea Constand was back in court Friday to face her accused assaulter Bill Cosby. She sat through a lengthy cross-examination, which continues into today. One of the principal items on the agenda for the defense was Constand’s civil settlement against Cosby back in 2006.

The former Temple employee settled for 3 million dollars back in her 2006 civil suit with Cosby, but is taking the stand once again, claiming that she wants justice.

When speaking about the 2006 case, Constand claims that she settled “because it was a very painstaking process for me and my family, it tore my family apart and we just wanted it over.”

Cosby’s legal team, lead by lawyer Tom Mesereau, has alleged that Constand is a “con artist,” seeking to frame and swindle Cosby for his money. The defense has also brought up evidence of past economic negligence on Constand’s part, including several emails related to a pyramid scheme distributed by Constand during her time at Temple University.

In her official testimony, Constand claims that she took three unknown blue pills at the comedian’s behest, and awoke paralyzed before Cosby assaulted her. The defense instead argues that the encounter was consensual. Defense spokesperson Andrew Wyatt told Associated Press Friday that he expects the jury to find Cosby not guilty following the testimony.

Today’s testimony included the defense also questioning Constand’s inconsistencies in police reports. Initial police reports described Cosby and Constand as “acquaintances,” despite Constand describing Cosby as a close personal friend in prior meetings. Small inconsistencies such as these have been brushed off by Constand, but the defense hopes that they will serve to discredit the prosecution’s claims and reliability.

Cosby’s trial is expected to continue tomorrow. Stick with Temple Update for more details on the trial as they emerge.

Prosecutors Finish Jury Selection in Cosby Case

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The jury selection process in the high profile Bill Cosby assault case was wrapped up Thursday, following allegations by the defense that the jury was racially biased.

The Temple alumni’s trial had been previously delayed, after the defense accused prosecutors of unfairly choosing candidates based on race. Prosecutor’s argued that they had chosen a member of the African-American community whenever the opportunity presented itself. “For them to now make the claim that the strike of an individual establishes some type of pattern is, I think unfortunately, not being done for this court but for the media behind us,” DA Kevin Steele argued before the judge.

Cosby arrives in court, alongside spokesperson Andrew Wyatt

Following backroom talks, both sides agreed to begin the process of choosing “alternate jurors”, half of which are African-American. While not taking part in the deliberations directly, the alternate jurors will be brought in to replace current jurors, should any be deemed unfit to render a verdict.

Juror selection has been further hampered by media attention surrounding the case, with many jurors being unable to put aside their previous exposure to stories regarding the trial.

The current primary jury stands at seven men and five women. Two of the current twelve are of the African-American community.

Following Cosby’s previous court date, which ended in a mistrial last summer, prosecutors are starting over in their case against the former sitcom star. The prosecution alleges that Cosby drugged and assaulted Temple employee Andrea Constand in 2004. Cosby has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Cosby’s defense team won a minor victory Tuesday, after a judge agreed to allow testimony from a former Temple employee who claims that Constand once spoke to her of framing Cosby.

Cosby’s court date is scheduled to begin with opening statements Monday, and is expected to last through the month.

IgniteTU Declared Winner in TSG Election

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Temple’s student government elections wrapped up Friday with a narrow win by IgniteTU. After 2 days of voting and weeks of campaigning across campus, Ignite pulled ahead with 56% percent of the student vote, competing against opponent, VoiceTU.

TSG President-Elect Gadi Zimmerman

Led by president Gadi Zimmerman, IgniteTU stands on a platform of “enhancing” the lives of students, and has set their sights on expanding Temple resources. This includes the expansion of TUPD range to ensure safer travel for students, as well as setting a goal for a cleaner, more sustainable campus, claiming that they will “accelerate Temple’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2050.”

IgniteTU also aims to make Temple Student Government more accessible to organizations and students. The current TSG policy is to hold regular general assembly meetings for students to express concerns. IgniteTU argues, however, that these formal proceedings create a barrier between the student and their representatives, as many organizations and students are often unable to attend all meetings, and thus miss valuable input.

IgniteTU has promised to make this process of government interaction more accessible, by replacing lengthy assembly meetings with email’s and news letters. Ignite will also repurpose time allocated for meetings with “optional TSG Town Halls with various guest speakers and presenters which will cater to the needs and requests of the students.”

Temple’s current student government, ActivateTU, congratulated IgniteTU via their twitter shortly after the election, stating their hopes for an easy transition. IgniteTU will be formally sworn in this week’s coming assembly meeting, Monday at 4:00 in the student center, room 200C

Unite TU Suspends TSG Campaign Following Candidate Resignation

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Unite TU has withdrawn from the upcoming 2018-2019 Temple Student Government election, following the resignation their VP candidate, Adrienne Hines.

In a statement posted on their Twitter on April 2nd, the group explained that “in light of recent events, we feel that suspending our campaign is the best way to move forward.”

Hines drop out came with her release of an official statement, in which she detailed how she felt that her personal views and ideas were pushed to the side of the party’s agenda. Specifically, Hines stated that she felt as if she was being used as a “token” for the party’s platform. In her statement regarding the resignation, Hines stated that, “I thought that running for Temple Student Government would give me a platform to use my voice for good. But unfortunately, my beliefs do not align with this campaign’s values and undertones.”

Unite TU quickly announced plans to replace Hines with communications director Andrea Yeakel, but soon resigned from all further campaign proceedings.

The two remaining parties, Voice TU and Ignite TU, are now competing for the student vote. Students can submit their vote this Wednesday and Thursday, and the winning campaign will be announced Friday.

Votes can be submitted through Temple’s UVote system.

Off Campus Church Engulfed in Flames During 3 Alarm Fire

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Firefighters work to extinguish a multi-alarm blaze at a church on the corner of Broad & Jefferson Streets

Firefighters and police officers were on the scene Thursday at the site of a multi-alarm fire at an off campus church located at the corner of Jefferson and Broad as they battled a blaze that is now under control.

Fire officials quickly responded to reports of a fire around 2:30 PM at the Original Apostolic Faith Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Upon arrival, the fire was determined to be a 2 alarm blaze which firefighters worked to extinguish.

Police cordoned off a small radius around the building, but the fire spread and was ultimately classified as a 3 alarm blaze. Smoke could be seen from blocks away and police blocked off traffic as a preventative measure.

There have been no reported injuries as of today and fire officials have not specified the cause of the fire.

The Broad Street Line between Cecil B. Moore and Girard stations were temporarily suspended, but are now up and running.

This article will be updated as additional information emerges.


Temple Alumn Shaniece Cole Takes Flight in LA

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Former Temple Update reporter Shaniece Cole has been making a name for herself in the LA market since her 2013 graduation.

After moving to the west coast, Cole has situated herself in a position as associate producer on The Steve Harvey show. In addition to managing human interest stories, Cole is also responsible for finding guests to appear on the show. Cole even volunteers other Temple alumni for appearances on occasion.

With a foundation in media production at Temple, Cole has created a multi-faceted career for herself, finding success both in front and behind the camera. In addition to working on The Steve Harvey Show, Cole is a model, appearing alongside her twin sister in ads for companies such as Nordstrom.

When speaking about balancing her on and off camera jobs, Cole said “One thing that I respect about the people that I work with is that from day one they knew that I was more than just a producer. I was a talent.”

Temple to End Blackboard Services After Semester Ends

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Computer Services has announced that Temple’s resident online resource, Blackboard, will be completely phased out after the semester’s end. This announcement comes after efforts this year by the university to introduce Canvas as its new online class resource.

Effective at midnight on May 31st, all Blackboard content will be officially “retired” by the university. Going forward, all class content will be posted to Canvas, and any class info still hosted on Blackboard will be lost. In preparation for this take down, the university is encouraging students to export their data from the site for personal use, as well as download any past grades that may be of use to students.

Introduced in 1999, Blackboard has long been Temple’s go-to resource for online class material, grading, and even online test taking. In January of last year, Computer Services began holding several town hall meetings in Ritter Hall to take opinions from students and staff on possibly replacing the service with a more up to date software.

Despite several updates to Blackboard in 2016, Temple’s Computer Services decided not to renew the contract with Blackboard, which will expire this summer. Opting for a complete overhaul, the new Canvas service is said to be more organized and integrated than Blackboard, and allows students to have more versatility in the way that they interact with online material.

Information regarding exporting Blackboard data can be found here or on Temple’s Computer Services website, along with information regarding the use and navigation of Canvas.

Temple Library to be Named After Alumnus Steve Charles

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Temple University’s new library will officially be named after Temple alumn and university trustee Steve Charles in recognition of a sizable donation.

The donation, which totals ten million dollars, is said to be one of the largest the university has ever seen. It will be used to fund the library throughout its construction, and to provide a new, advanced space for students and faculty to conduct research and studies.

Philanthropist Steve Charles (Courtesy of giving.temple.edu)

Speaking on behalf of the Board of Trustees, chair Patrick O’Connor formally accepted the gift.

“Steve’s gift is transformational in supporting Temple’s goal of building a 21st century library that will redefine campus life,” says O’Connor.

Charles, a prominent Temple alumnus with a degree in advertising, was a co-founder of ImmixGroup, Inc. The company was a successful tech consulting business, which Charles went on to sell in 2015.

Charles himself has stated that he hopes other alumni will show their support for the project in the coming months, and that he is excited by the various green and sustainable practices that the library hopes to incorporate.

Charles’ past donations to Temple include the Stephen G. Charles scholarship within Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication.

Charles library is set to open in May of 2019 at the intersection of Polett Walk and Liacouras Walk.