UPDATE: Preliminary Hearing for Joshua Hupperterz Delayed

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UPDATED 9/21/17 3:00pm:

The preliminary hearing for Joshua Hupperterz has been rescheduled for late November before Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Patrick Dugan.

The first court hearing was Wednesday, but Hupperterz’s attorney cited the need to review the prosecution’s case.

“I need more time to do a little bit of investigation,” Nenner said.

Hupperterz is being held without bail at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility and has maintained his innocence.

UPDATED 9/5/17 4:30pm:

Temple Student Government and the Progressive NAACP are hosting a vigil in remembrance of Jenna Burleigh on Thursday from 3:30pm to 5pm. The event will be held in Founder’s Garden where there will be open-mic sharing and space to write letters to the Burleigh family. Candles and flowers will also be provided. All members of the Temple community are welcome to join.

UPDATED 9/3/17 5:00pm:

The Wayne County Coroner’s Office has announced that Temple student Jenna Burleigh died of blunt force trauma and strangulation.

The autopsy was completed Sunday morning, the same day Joshua Hupperterz, the man last seen with Burleigh, was arraigned on murder charges and denied bail.

Burleigh’s body was found Saturday in Hawley, Pa, 150 miles away from where she was last seen at Pub Webb off Temple’s main campus.

UPDATED 9/3/17 1:45pm:
Jenna Burleigh had just started at Temple on Monday. She was majoring in film and media arts.

Joshua Hupperterz was arraigned just before 5am Sunday morning, charged with the murder of Temple student Jenna Burleigh.

Hupperterz was also charged with abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, and possession of an instrument of crime. He also faces multiple drug charges after police searched his 16th Street apartment and found drugs in the home.

According to Philadelphia Police, “Hupperterz informed [a detective] that he had been so drunk when he left the bar he had no recollection of who he had been with.”

According to documents on the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania Web Portal, a judge has denied bail for Hupperterz, and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 20 at 9am.

This is not Hupperterz’s first brush with the law. Police records show charges including possession of drug paraphernalia and other drug charges 2010, theft of a vehicle in 2011, and charges of a DUI, burglary, and theft in 2013.

UPDATED 9/2/17 9:15pm:

Philadelphia Police held a press conference this evening announcing they have recovered Jenna Burleigh’s body in Wayne County, about 25 miles east of Scranton.

Joshua Hupperterz, a 29 year old former Temple student, has been arrested and is being charged with the murder of Jenna Burleigh. Police say Burleigh’s body was recovered on the property of Hupperterz’s grandmother in Hawley, Pa, but they believe Burleigh was killed in the 16th Street apartment and transported to Wayne County.

Police believe Hupperterz and Burleigh had no prior relationship, and had met the night Jenna disappeared. In his statement to police, Hupperterz “admitted to elements of the crime,” Philadelphia Police said during the press conference.

The circumstances and cause of death remain unclear at this time.

Temple University president Richard Englert released a statement via email to the Temple Community this evening, expressing his condolences to everyone who knew Jenna.

“Jenna joined the Temple community just this week as a junior transfer student from Montgomery County Community College, majoring in film and media arts. Our deepest sympathies go out to Jenna’s family and her classmates, both here at Temple and at Montgomery County Community College,” read the statement.

Englert also reminded students that there are resources available to them during this difficult time at the Tuttleman Counseling Services on Main Campus, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by calling 215-204-7276.

Burliegh was last seen wearing these clothes.

UPDATED 9/2/17 11:00am:

Police have searched a home on the 1700 block of 16th Street, which is said to be the home of a friend of Jenna’s.

A roommate reported to police that it looked like someone had tried to cover up blood stains in parts of the home. Police found the man at his grandmother’s home in Scranton, PA, and then obtained a search warrant for the apartment.

Homicide units were seen at the site of the home, as well as a cadaver dog, but the dog did not find anything.

No arrests have been made at this time, and no other information has been made available by police.

Original Article:

Temple student Jenna Burleigh has been reported missing by the Lower Salford Police Department.

The 22-year-old was last seen in the area of Pub Webb (1527 Cecil B. Moore Avenue) at 2 AM on August 31st. She was wearing a white shirt with a light blue jacket tied around her waist.

Any information should be reported to Temple Police at 215-204-1234 or Confidential Tip Line at 215-204-6493.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Exclusive Interview: Temple Dreamer Speaks Out

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“We are people who have been living in the states for a very long time, many of us have graduated fro Pennsylvania high schools, paid Pennsylvania taxes, our parents have paid Pennsylvania taxes, we have contributed to a community and everything.”

Part of society, but living in uncertainty.

That’s the struggle 800,000 DACA students here at Temple and across the country every day.

And not only do they fear being deported, they fear that their hard earned degrees will be useless should their DACA applications be rescinded.

“If I graduate and then my DACA is rescinded I wont be able to use my degree so I will have to try to find a way of finding a work permit but its becoming very difficult to do so.”

Temple Student Government is leading the charge to let all students know they have support – by hosting town halls and other events to create an open dialogue.

“For us were just trying to get together with students who are really gonna work on this and are really going to put in the time to make sure DACA students are protected on campus. We are trying to figure out all different ways for the administration to hear us out and to understand the need on this campus to help DACA students.  It’s not a matter of DACA students contributing to the economy, it’s not a matter of DACA students already being here, its a matter of the fact that DACA students are a part of our community,” said Tyler Lum, TSG’s Director of Government Affairs. “So were gonna start off by just getting students together.  Were gonna try to reach out to orgs and other groups on campus that are really gonna be able to disperse information quickly.  And try and get as many students and faculty together to have a larger voice to bring up points to the administration”

“There’s a lot of people who get discouraged from even applying to temple because temple as of right they don’t have a clear policy on what their stance with DACA.”

Temple students protected under DACA can receive legal assistance from HIAS-PA at 2100 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. They welcome walk in clients as well as scheduled appointments and can also help individuals with the reapplication process for DACA protection.

Temple Among Best Colleges in US According to Princeton Review

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Temple University was named among the best colleges in the country according to the Princeton Review.

Temple students gave many positive reviews regarding the university, and in return, Temple was given recognition as being one of the best colleges in the United States.

More than 2,000 undergraduates completed the surveys that came out in February praising Temple’s resources, diversity, faculty, and more.

Students exalted about Temple’s location in the city of Philadelphia. One student described the area as, “a gold mine for jobs, internships and other incredible opportunities.” Students talked about the social life on campus and Temple’s community outreach programs.

Other students said that Temple is “all about inspiring students to achieve greatness through its abundance of resources and diversity.” More students emphasized the fact that “the faculty here actually have experience in their fields,” and,” the faculty take boring lectures in class and turn those into real life experiences.”

Temple’s Entrepreneurship program was also recognized as the 8th best Entrepreneurship undergraduate program. Temple additionally earned the 13th spot for “Most Active Student Government” for the first time.

Temple has shown consistent excellence in accounting, biology, journalism and psychology majors.

Temple University Libraries Present Beyond The Page

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Temple University Libraries is presenting Beyond the Page, a conversation about Creating a Welcoming Campus Community in 2017.

The event will take place on Wednesday, September 20th during Welcoming America’s Welcome Week.

The purpose of the talk, which is open to Temple’s faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds, is to discuss the extent to which Temple is a welcoming place for international students. Different questions will be addressed, such as how to make campus welcoming for all, what a welcoming campus looks like, how to make campus welcoming amidst new immigration developments, white supremacists, and much more.

Four panelists with backgrounds in diversity and social justice will be present for the event. Panelists include Tiffenia Archie, Jennifer Lee, Pastor Adan Mairena, and Jessica Sandberg.

For more information about Beyond the Page, visit library.temple.edu/beyondthepage.

Date Set for Cosby Retrial

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A new date has been set for Bill Cosby’s retrial on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted former Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004.

This past June, the first trial ended in a mistrial when the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict after deliberating for over 50 hours.

The retrial was ordered to begin on April 2 by Judge Steven O’Neill. Originally set for November, O’Neill granted a request by Cosby’s lawyers to delay the retrial.

Cosby will use a new defense team led by Tom Mesereau. Mesereau is a Los Angeles lawyer best known for defending Michael Jackson from child sexual abuse charges over a decade ago.

According to Judge O’Neill, jury selection will begin in March.

Kick-off for Temple’s First Sexual Assault Prevention Week

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Temple Student Government kicked off Temple University’s first ever Sexual Assault Prevention Week with a festival designed to raise more awareness about the issues surrounding sexual violence on college campuses.

Student artwork featured at the event focused on the stigmas surrounding sexual assault and celebrated empowered women.

Amelia Burns, president of Student Activists Against Sexual Assault, and Tyrell Mann-Barnes, TSG President, both expressed that this event and the entire Sexual Assault Prevention Week was a passion project of theirs.

Amelia noted that the force behind this week’s programming is the need for better education about sexual assault and increased conversations.

“I don’t think sexual assault is something that’s talked about, we just want to start talking about it and make people not afraid to have these conversations.”

Organizations like Planned Parenthood, She’s the First, and Feminist Majority Alliance were there to show their support. With all of these organizations gathering in one place to share new information, Tyrell found people were more willing to have conversations about sexual assault.

“We wanted to create a space where so many different organizations were in solidarity together, basically combating rape culture on our campus.”

TSG and Student Activists Against Sexual Assault are hoping the student artwork and performances will resonate past the end of the week, and conversations will continue to happen throughout the entire college experience.

Renovated Founder’s Garden and O’Connor Plaza Reopen

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Workers placing the new owl statue outside Founder’s Garden. (Courtesy of Betsy Manning)

On September 14th, Founder’s Garden was reopened with the unveiling of O’Connor Plaza, which was named in honor of Board of Trustees Chair Patrick J. O’Connor and his wife, Marie.

The renovation was a tribute to their leadership and support of the university. Changes include new landscaping, a water wall, and a bronze owl statue. An inlaid Temple “T” and diamond-shaped tablets for each of Temple’s 17 schools and colleges replace outdated pavement. Other features include new lighting, walkways, and outdoor furniture.

“Founder’s Garden is one of the most cherished places at Temple, and I am delighted to contribute to a revitalization project that makes it even more welcoming and functional,” O’Connor said. “I am also humbled by the recognition from an institution I hold so dear.”

The surrounding walls that honor Temple’s Great Teacher honorees remain untouched, as well as the burial site of university founder Russell H. Conwell.

Estudiar en el extranjero: para vivir con familia

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Con el programa de estudiar en el extranjero de la Universidad de Temple, fui a Oviedo, España durante casi cinco semanas este verano. La experiencia fue más increíble de lo que yo hubiera podido imaginar antes del viaje. Durante el programa, viví con una familia española para practicar el español y experimentar la auténtica cultura española.

Estos son mis padres españoles, Victor and Nuria.

Tuve muy buena suerte porque mi familia española se convirtió en mi familia de verdad en solo un mes. Por una parte, todos en mi familia española son muy buena gente, pero por otra parte, me preparé mucho antes del viaje. Hay cosas que necesitan recordar si estás viviendo con una familia nueva en un otro país.

 Es muy importante que les compres regalos pequeños para llevarle a cada miembre de la familia cuando llegues a España. Los regalos no necesitan ser caros, pero el haber tenido el detalle es un comienzo muy bueno. La familia te va a recibir por un mes o más, entonces necesitas dar las gracias inmediatamente. Yo les di monedas estadounidenses a los padres y una pulsera que se llama ‘hermanas’ a la hija. Sus reacciones fueron muy entusiastas, y me gustó verlos alegres.

Después la primera impresión con los regalos, no se olviden que están en una casa que no es suya. Durante el programa, probablemente vas a salir con amigos y a regresar tarde. Seguramente los padres trabajan y tienen que dormir entonces es muy, muy importante que no hacer ruido al llegar tarde. Cuando estés hablando por teléfono o usando la computadora, baja el volumen. No es muy difícil y este comportamiento muestra respeto para la familia.

Con las fiestas y otros eventos durante el viaje, es muy fácil olvidarse de su familia. Conocer y hablar con mi familia durante mis ratos de tiempo libre en España fue una de mis actividades favoritas. Durante mi última semana en España, mi madre me abrazó después de la cena y dijo, “Ahora que estás cómoda y te vas en una semana”. Fue verdad.

Este es Foz, mi perro español.

No es necesario, pero si recomendable tener detalles con la familia durante toda la estadía. Una vez, les compré el postre de la cena, o cuando salí, les llevé flores con una carta. Los detalles demuestran el aprecio por su familia, y son fáciles de hacer. No necesiten gastar mucho dinero porque es el gesto lo que importa.

Después de su experiencia, querrán fotos para recordar todos los momentos con su familia y en España en general. Mi foto con mi familia española es una de mis favoritas porque yo puedo ver que estuvimos muy alegres juntos. Además, les querrán mostrar sus experiencias con la familia española a su familia biológica y sus amigos en los Estados Unidos.

Finalmente, obtengan un número de teléfono de su familia para mantener contacto después de la estadía en España. No necesiten hablar todos los días, pero es importante compartir noticias de la vida. Después de regresar a los Estados Unidos, yo hablo con mis padres españoles mucho porque los extraño y quiero saber sobre sus vidas. Ahora, estoy conectada con mi vida en España.

 La experiencia de estudiar en el extranjero es inolvidable, pero con una familia de bienvenida, la experiencia es mucho mejor. Hay que prepararse para ser respetuosos y hacer recuerdos por toda la vida.

3 Things to Know for Wednesday, September 13

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Edith Windsor, pictured, led the fight for marriage equality in the United States.

Edith Windsor, LGBTQ Rights Activist Who Paved the Way for Same-Sex Marriage, Dies at 88:

  • Temple alumna, Edith Windsor, died Tuesday at 88. A celebrated. LGBTQ rights activist, Edith was known for winning a Supreme Court case against the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013. She returned to main campus in 2014 to receive the Alumni Fellow Award from the Temple alumni.

Tyler School of Art Hosts 4th Annual Poetry and Art Fair:

  • Tyler School of Art is hosting the fourth annual Poetry and Art Fair. The fair, which runs from September 14th to the 16th, features a discussion and Q&A with Brian Teare and editors from Argos Books, Belladonna Collective, Double-Cross Press, and Nightboat Books. Temple’s Film and Media Arts creative writing program is also hosting pannel featuring five small press poet publishers.

Klein College Holds Student Organization Fair:

  • Wednesday, Klein School of Media and Communication students had the opportunity to attend the Klein College Student Organization Fair. The fair allowed students to explore a vast amount of resources, which included Study Away opportunities, student organizations, and multiple television shows, including Temple Update. The fair was a huge success, attracting a large crowd of Klein College students.

Temple Releases Statement on DACA

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On Tuesday, Temple University released a statement in regards to the DACA controversy.

On September 5th, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a Memorandum on Rescission of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

The university supports the work of the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) with their efforts to persuade Congress to pass legislation that will make DACA protections permanent. Temple is committed to supporting its students by offering counseling or assistance to those that need it due to changes in the DACA program.

Students are encouraged to reach out to Dean of Students OfficeTuttleman Counseling Services, or International Student and Scholar Services.