Phone Scammers Target Temple Students

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FBI Philadelphia has received reports of phone scammers targeting former and current Temple students.

According to this tweet, the caller claims to be an FBI agent from the State College office. The office’s real information – like the caller ID and phone number – is displayed.

The FBI warns people to be aware of this scam and others of the same nature.

Posing as an FBI agent, the caller may claim there is a warrant for the victim’s arrest, which can be thrown out in exchange for payment. Other scenarios where the caller is demanding money have also been reported.

The caller usually knows personal information about the victim, such as their name, background, and personal cell phone number.

The FBI does not call people asking for money or threatening arrest.

More information can be found on the FBI’s website.

Temple Update Sits Down with TSG President, Tyrell Mann-Barnes

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Tyrell Mann-Barnes prides himself on being approachable. And he wants students to know his door his always open.

Mann-Barnes and his administration have almost completed their first semester in office – and they have a lot of accomplishments under their belt.

But he says they are nowhere near done.

Mann-Barnes says his team plans to continue its crusade for a sexual assault survivor center, and that TSG is preparing to head back to Harrisburg in the spring to continue the fight for state funding.

I sat down with Tyrell to talk about his team’s early accomplishments, future endeavors, and what he hopes his legacy as Temple Student Government President will be.

Students Violently Assaulted Just Blocks From Campus

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“The first thing that comes to my mind is just you know get the hell out of here. Like run.”

Temple student Elijah Glovas-Kurtz was on his way to his car after a night class last Tuesday, when a group of four teenagers attacked him with a metal pipe.

“Right as he’s at my side he just turns around punches me in the back of the head and then the kid to his right strikes me in the head with like a metal pipe.”

His car was parked right off main campus, near 12th and Master. He was just a block from safety when the teens attacked Glovas-Kurtz the first time.

“I had this thought that I cannot believe this is happening – how is this happening why is this happening, is this a dream…I was getting attacked a block off campus for no reason,” he said.

Glovas-Kurtz was attacked three times by the group. He ran away, slipped and fell, and they caught up with him. It happened again on the 1200 Oxford Street, where a Temple bike officer witnessed the incident and called for backup. “I really think they were trying to just knock me out and take whatever I had,” said Glovas-Kurtz. The teens walked off before Temple Police arrived on scene. “You take three strikes to the head and they’re like ‘oh this kid isn’t going down.'”

Glovas-Kurtz suffered multiple blows to the head, and required nine staples in his head. Luckily, he did not suffer a concussion or any other injuries.

And he’s not the only one who has fallen victim in recent weeks.

Colin Field was leaving a party on 15th and Master just a few days prior to the assault of Glovas-Kurtz, walking with a bunch of friends when they were stopped and patted down looking for money. Field said things took a turn when the assailants made a comment to one of his female friends.

“They made the comment to her about which one of us was her boyfriend and that’s when they figured out that we were all gay they started pacing back and forth behind us following us at a rapid pace, saying hell no.”

While Field remained uninjured in the attack, his friend was not so lucky.

“They started to beat him pretty bad – he got a black eye, they tore part of his ear.”

Both Field and Gloves-Kurtz plan to remain vigilant when walking at night, and say they are ready to move forward.

“Definitely the fear is still there but I’m a commuter so I have to drive here I have to park somewhere,” said Glovas-Kurtz.

Director of Campus Safety Charles Leone told Temple Update that the two incidents were not related, but they do have one male teenager as a person of interest in the incident on 12th and Oxford. Temple and Philadelphia Police are continuing to investigate both assaults.”

Thanksgiving for International Students

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Junyng “Nikki” Lu, Chinese International Student (Top Left), Brendon Creed, Trinidadian International Student (Bottom Left), Hermann Doerner, German International Student (Top Right), and Rayanna Ruani, Brazilian International Student (Bottom Right).

Four different students, four diverse backgrounds and one common struggle.

For most college students, the week of Thanksgiving is a week full of good food and family time. However, international students staying in the U.S. don’t all get that luxury. With homes ranging from China, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, and Germany, traveling back and forth for shorter breaks isn’t necessarily feasible.

Chinese international student, Junyng “Nikki” Lu, is in her second to last semester in the Fox School of Business. Being that she wanted to take graduate classes, Lu has taken classes over every summer that she’s been in America. By taking classes over the longest break students have all year, she has forfeited her only chances to go home.

When asked how it feels to see her friends go home each break, she replied, “At first I heard some of my friends are going to go back to China, which I really am jealous because I haven’t seen my family for three years.”

International students staying in the States over break are interested to experience this national holiday.

Rayanna Ruani of Brazil explained that she “had heard about it in movies and books,” while Brendon Creed of Trinidad and Tobago expressed that he “would see it on TV episodes or sitcoms.”

When asked if the real Thanksgiving paralleled with what they were seeing on TV, both replied that once experiencing it first hand, they realized that it was a lot more about family than they thought it would be. Both stated that the United States’ Thanksgiving paralleled with their home countries’ Christmas.

As Temple’s campus turns into a “ghost-town,” as Creed described it, international students who cannot return home for the holidays are left to find plans. However, if a student doesn’t know many people in America, he/she may be left feeling alone on the holiday.

To avoid this, Temple’s International Student Affairs office has put an initiative into place to pair international students with host families for Thanksgiving dinner. Ed Roach, who works closely with the organization, explained the matching process.

“Mostly the way that we find people is partnering with churches locally, usually people from churches are open to bringing in new people,” said Roach. “They just want people to feel welcome.”

However, being that this holiday does not exist outside of the country, these international students say they will not feel too bad that they will not be with their own families for the holiday.

Ruani pointed out that “if it were like Christmas, a holiday that my family and I have always spent together every year, I would definitely be upset.”

Hermann Doerner (Germany) is a student athlete on Temple’s Men’s Soccer team.

Hermann Doerner of Germany says how the thought of returning home for winter break soon helps him get through not going home this week.

He said, “Of course I would like to be with my family. But since there’s no history in Germany of Thanksgiving and I’m going to see my parents like a month after when I go home for winter break, it’s not that bad.”

Unlike other international students who get to go home on breaks, Lu laughed about the amount of time that has passed since she last saw her parents.

She joked, “I know I’ll maybe [be] in the airport, you know, when my family sees me they probably cannot recognize me because in three years I’ve changed a lot.”

This link will provide information on hosting Thanksgiving for international students through Temple’s International Student Affairs.

The Talented Tenth: Late Night Networking Event

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Global Entrepreneur Week is almost here in Philly, but it’s already started it’s kickoff events.

It started off this past Monday, November 13th, with a late-night networking event held at 5201 Gadnor Avenue in West Philadelphia.

The Talented Tenth, hosted by Inez A. Nelson, was an event where men and women of African Diaspora descent met to discuss life, career goals, and improving relations for all people of the African diaspora community.  There, Temple Update spoke with several businessman and businesswoman who were interacting with one another for the first time in their lives.

“My life has been impacted, my life as an entrepreneur has been impacted, and the path I have taken has been guided by my connection to my culture,” says Ron Green, a local clothing designer and business entrepreneur.

“It’s Deeper Than Travel is a travel and event company, and our purpose is meant to connect Africans, African-Americans, and Caribbeans through culture, co-working, and travels,” says Inez A. Nelson, founder of It’s Deeper Than Travel.

For more information on the host of this event, check out They are also on Facebook and Instagram @itsdeeperthantravel.

More information can be found at

Student Health Service Changing Locations

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Tuttleman Counseling Services Sees Surge in Student Appointments with cold weather and finals
Student Health Service’s current home at 1810 Liacouras Walk.

Student Health Services will be closed on Friday, November, 17, Saturday, November 18, and Monday November, 20 as the office moves to it’s new space. Currently located at 1810 Liacouras Walk, Student Health will now be housed in 1700 North Broad Street. Tuttleman Counseling made the move to 1700 North Broad at the beginning of the semester.

This move was prompted by the renovations currently underway at 1810 to create more space for the Fox School of Business.

If you are leaving for Fall Break and need to refill a prescription, students are recommended to make arrangements to pick up your medicine by November 16 at 3:00pm.

Student Health Services will reopen on Tuesday November 21 and Wednesday November 22 from 8:00am-5:00pm, and all future appointments will be held at this location.

If there is a medical emergency, please call 911 from an off-campus phone or dial 1-1234 from an on-campus phone.

Nurses are still available to talk 24/7 by calling (215) 204-7500.

Lew Klein Awards Honor NYT’s Dean Baquet

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Executive editor of The New York Times, Dean Baquet, received the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Award for 2017.

Dean Baquet receives the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Award. Friday, November 10, 2017.

In a ceremony that took place at Mitten Hall’s Great Court, Klein College’s Dean Boardman said about Dean Baquet, “In the 17 years that we have had this event, we have recognized many giants of the media world. From Ed Bradley to Anderson Cooper, to Whoopi Goldberg, to Tina Fey. I am confident that no one we have honored has had as much impact, on our nation and on our world, as today’s honoree.”

The Lew Klein College of Media and Communication honored seven more for their exceptional work, six distinguished media professionals–two of them worked for Temple Update in the past–and one rising star of the media industry.

Rising star went to:

  • Julia Nietsch: Senior Director of Communications, Bravo and Oxygen Media
Lew Klein attends the Awards for the first time after the official renaming of the college. Friday, November 10, 2017.

Lew Klein talked to Temple Update and expressed his gratitude for the people that came to the event.

He said, “I think it (the event) is wonderful. Each year, and this is the 17th year, we have approximately 400 people who come to the luncheon. So, we are delighted with the crowd that comes every year.”

David Murphy, 6 ABC’s Meteorologist and past recipient of the Lew Klein Award. Friday, November 17, 2017.

Furthermore, David Murphy, 6ABC’s Meteorologist and past recipient of the Lew Klein Award, had some important advice for Temple students and future journalists.

“Well I would say practice your writing,” said Murphy. “Write, write, write, because it is really all about that. I am a meteorologist now, but I started as a reporter and did some anchoring. And that is what really got me in the door and what got me noticed a little better than the average person.”

Dean Baquet also spoke to Temple students for an hour in a Q&A forum at the Temple Performing Arts Center, before accepting the 2017 Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Award.

Lonely Planet pone a Sevilla como la ciudad número uno para visitar en 2018

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La guía de viajes más grande del mundo, Lonely Planet, ha elegido a Sevilla, España como la mejor ciudad para viajar en 2018. Cada año, la editorial crea una lista de las mejores ciudades para viajar. La decisión viene de un comité de expertas y las opiniones de escritores de viajes. Lonely Planet dijo, “Una vez fue una metrópolis congestionada de tráfico descansando sobre sus históricos laureles, Sevilla se ha convertido en una ciudad de bicicletas y tranvías, ansiosa por revitalizar su pasado artístico.” La editorial dijo que recomienda Sevilla por su arquitectura histórica y las actividades culturales de la ciudad como el baile flamenco.

Estudié en Sevilla por todo mi segundo año académico. Elegí estudiar en España porque estaba enamorado de Europa. Visité Londres, París, Barcelona, y Roma por dos semanas con miembros de mi clase de español cuando estaba en el instituto. Sabía que quería estudiar en Europa en la universidad. Elegí España porque me encantan los idiomas extranjeros y quería mejorar mi español. Sevilla fue la ciudad perfecta porque a diferencia de otras ciudades grandes de España, todavía mantiene su propio idioma muy bien.

También, elegí Sevilla porque es muy hermosa y menos cara que Madrid y Barcelona. Me gusta el estilo de vida allá. La gente es muy activa. Es fácil ser activo allá cuando tú puedes andar, correr, montar bicicletas, hacer kayaking por el río, y bailar flamenco. Cuando hablé con Sevillanos sobre su ciudad, ellos me dijeron que les gusta la ciudad por el buen ambiente.

La ciudad tiene muchos monumentos históricos como el Alcázar de Sevilla. Este lugar es utilizado para filmar Game of Thrones. La Catedral de Sevilla es muy especial. El sitio más reconocible es la Plaza de España. Este monumento es bonito y distinto. Mi parte favorita de Sevilla, sin embargo, es el río. Era muy común que la gente se sentara allí. Se puede ver el Torre del Oro desde el río. Uno puede sentarse allá y tomar una copa o una merienda. Hay muchos bares y restaurantes cerca del río y por la noche, era mágico ver las luces de colores reflejadas en el agua.

Student Remembers Church Shooting in Montgomery County

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The gunman who opened fire on a congregation in Sutherland Springs is dead, but people around the nation are still grieving the loss of the 26 people he murdered.

Five days have passed since Michael Kelley opened fire at members in First Baptist Church. Four people, including two children, are still hospitalized. And some are in critical condition.

Images from the massacre remind Temple Junior Mike Williams of a shooting that happened in his church just last year.

Williams was present when an altercation over a chair in Keystone Fellowship Church in Montgomery County made him fear for his life.

“I remember looking around and seeing people crying and people running out the door. I thought, ‘okay we’re all about to die,'” he explains.

Williams remembers the sound of two shots being fired.

“You just hear two bang, bang, two loud shots. And at first I wasn’t sure what it was, but you could smell the gunpowder. And I was like ‘oh my gosh some guy has a gun in the church,'” he said.

The gunman’s shots were fatal. The victim, Robert Braxton III, was 27-years-old and William’s friend. Williams described Braxton as funny and caring.

Much like the community in Sutherland Springs, Keystone Fellowship Church is small and close knit.

“I’m in some suburban town where people leave their houses unlocked. I would never think something like that would happen,” Williams said.

Bryan Miller, the Executive Director of Heeding God’s Call, says killings like this happen because political action stops when the prayers do.

“It also bothers me that we’ve allowed this situation to continue to the point where sanctuaries–houses of worship–are now being invaded by people that are intent on mayhem, which I think is a horrible thing,” he explained.

Heeding God’s Call is a faith-based organization that focuses on eliminating gun violence in Philadelphia. Miller is calling on Philadelphia’s communities of faith to step up and hopes his movement will spark others around the country.

Miller also hopes his organization will inspire politicians to enact laws that would prohibit the sale and possession of semi-automatic weapons. He wants to see change in the next couple of years.

“I’m optimistic to believe that over the next 10 or more years, we’ll see a major change,” he said. “The public is in favor.” 

Williams is also optimistic about the future. He says hope is how his church got through the loss of Braxton and how the families of victims in Texas can too.

“Don’t lose hope,” he said. “You may have lost a family member, you may have lost a close loved one, but don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith.”

Bike Temple Provides Bike Safety Tips

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Biking around Temple University and the rest of the Philadelphia area can be tricky and frustrating at times as a cyclist. Tal Eldering, Bike Temple‘s Coordinator, took time out of his day to offer up some advice on how to be a safe biker.

First and foremost, it is always important wear a helmet, even if it looks a bit dorky. A safe head is a happy head.

Tal also mentioned to use bike lights at night, that way it is easier for other pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles to see.

Having a nice meal before heading out provides energy, and keeps the mind from becoming clouded.

Tal said that a quick ABC check–air, breaks, and chain–is key to preventing most accidents that may happen on the biker’s part.

If by chance a biker are injured while riding, it is important to check the status of everyone involved. Next, if applicable, obtain insurance and contact information, and call the police.

Make sure to visit for upcoming bike related events & programs, bike shops around the area, and a printable bike lane map.