Faculty Senate Backs Sanctuary Campus Effort

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Temple University is one of many colleges nationwide that are making a call-to-action to protect undocumented immigrants on campus.

The Temple Senate approved a bill addressed to President Englert on Friday, in which the school’s faculty and students joined forces to petition for a sanctuary campus at Temple University.

One of the faculty members who presented the bill was Director of Communication Studies, Dr. Scott Gratson, who said the petition can be seen as an act of civil disobedience. “I think that creating a bill such as this, I mean a motion such as this, suggests to the university, suggests to the board of trustees, that we’re not going to stand for any government that suggests that our students are not welcome on this campus,” said Gratson.

A Pennsylvania lawmaker has proposed legislation to take away state funding from sanctuary campuses, but this has not stopped those in the Temple community who support standing in solidarity with undocumented immigrants.

“I think it also creates a statement that if they’re going to try to come for one of our students, they might as well try to come for all of us,” Gratson said.

Media Studies and Production professor Larisa Mann says she supports the petition because she believes the protection of undocumented immigrants will ultimately promote the enhancement of the Temple community as a whole.

“I think our community is enriched by its diversity and by students from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences,” said Professor Mann.

These diverse experiences that Professor Mann references can potentially hit home for first-generation students such as Nancy El-Haron, who have witnessed undocumented immigration firsthand within their families.

“My parents were immigrants coming into this country, and so if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here getting my education,” El-Haron said.

El-Haron says she is firmly against the deportation of illegal immigrants, stating that she believes they have made many sacrifices in order to live a prosperous life in the United States.

“You shouldn’t take that away, like they’re sacrificing just as much to be in this country to get their education,” said El-Haron.

Swarthmore College and the University of Pennsylvania have both recently declared to be sanctuary campuses in Philadelphia, and with the petition having over 1000 signatures to date, Temple may not be too far behind. Professor Mann says the continued success of the petition makes her hopeful for the future.

“I’m just grateful that people are so supportive of it. I think it bodes well for the next four years which are going to be very uncertain, so I’m excited to be a part of the Temple community and the broader discussions around these issues.”

PA Delegates Talk Unity Over Breakfast

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Speaker after speaker at the Pennsylvania Delegate Breakfast shared at least one common theme — a message of party unity.

Sabrina Nixon, a delegate from Philadelphia, believes the party will be on the same page even more as the convention rolls on. “There’s definitely unity. I think that Bernie and Hillary are going to come together, they’re gonna both show a united front and I think it’s going to be amazing.

Yet, many delegates for Bernie Sanders didn’t hold back, sporting shirts, buttons and hats bearing his name.

Tim Burton was one of those delegates. He said he’s upset Bernie will not be the party’s nominee, yet hopeful, after seeing the party’s revised platform. “Whatever Bernie Sanders accomplished…his impact is on the party and the future of the party,” said Burton.

Among key speakers at the event were Governor Tom Wolf — also urging delegates to unify.

“We need to come together…unify in supporting Hillary Clinton, so that we can win in November and set this country on the right course,” he said.

While the cry for democrats to unify inside the breakfast rang loud, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey talked about Clinton’s extensive experience in foreign policy.

“She’s serious which means you don’t just go in with bluster like the republican nominee and yell and scream and tell people about what you’re going to do to people. That’s not how you make it safe.” He too, said he recognized the importance of candidates staying together.

“Bernie’s already demonstrated he’s not only ready to work for Hillary, he’s already started.”






Bursar’s Office Sponsors “Owl About The Money”

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Reporter Ashley McLean talked to students after an Owl About the Money event on April 5th in the SAC of Temple University.

The Bursar’s office put together this event to give students helpful tips on how to be financially responsible.

Speakers Doug Schantz, Elizabeth Anselmo, and Tina Knight conducted creative discussions on how to manage your money.

Elizabeth and Tina stressed that you need to take in account everything your spending monthly including food, bills, and entertainment in order to calculate your total cost of living.

When you keep track of your total cost of living you can keep all you finances in order relieving yourself from any financial burdens.

Doug took a different approach by having the students play a game called “The walking debt.”

Separated into teams, the students got to make decisions throughout each level that would contribute to their financial standing. This gave students a first hand take on how every decision they make in real life affects their student debt.

The University hopes this event gave students the tools to provoke better decision making with their finances that will help their student debt for the future.


SMC Career Center Hosts Second Annual Career Fair

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On March 30th the School of Media and Communication’s Career Center hosted its second annual Internship and Career Fair from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as a way to match employers in the media and communication field to Temple students who are studying in those areas. The event was held in Mitten Hall and hosted over sixty employers ranging from advertising agencies to public relations firms to television and radio stations.


The School of Media and Communication’s Director of Career Services, Lu Ann Cahn, has been planning this year’s Internship and Career Fair since the conclusion of last year’s fair.


“In a way I would say that it [planning the fair] has been pretty hardcore for the past few months,” said Cahn, “But we really started opening registration at the end of January and immediately students started registering.”


Dean David Boardman was in attendance and stressed the benefits of having a career fair that was exclusive to students in the School of Media and Communication.


“The employers [at the fair] know that we will not be wasting their time and the students know that these are employers have jobs and internships that won’t be wasting their time,” said Boardman, “This is a phenomenal opportunity for everybody.”


One of the biggest changes to the Internship and Career Fair this year is that students must have an approved résumé through SMConnect, which is SMC’s exclusive database that directly connects students and employers in the media and communication industry. In order to have a résumé approved in SMConnect, students submitted a copy of their résumé online to the career services team to have it checked. Once the student’s résumé was approved they were eligible to register for the fair.


“The reason that we did that [required an approved résumé for the fair] was because we heard from employers and they said ‘Listen, your students are wonderful and we can tell that they want to work hard but some of these résumés just don’t look right,’” said Cahn, “So we knew we had to work on that.”


Among the employers at the fair were several SMC alumni who were looking for fresh Temple talent. Rob Czyzewicz, who co-founded 20/20 Visual Media with his friend and fellow alumni Patrick Rosenbaum, was drawn to the fair after hearing about it from Cahn because he recognizes the abilities of Temple students.


“We’re primarily here [at the fair] looking for interns but we also want to grow our network of freelancers,” said Czyzewicz, “We’re a small company…there are a lot of times when we need more shooters so we rely on the work of Temple students to be able to supplement what we’re doing – we always walk away impressed with the work of Temple students.”


Junior Journalism major Juli Johnson heard about the fair from an SMConnect e-mail blast and was drawn to the opportunity to meet with employers one-on-one.


“You get to connect with people that you probably wouldn’t be able to connect with in a normal setting,” said Johnson, “This is a really unique setting to get to meet professionals in the industry.”


Although some students requested that the Internship and Career Fair occur each semester, Cahn says that she has toyed with the idea of creating a smaller event for the upcoming fall semester that would focus on connecting students with internships.


“This is such a big event that it really does take all year to put together,” said Cahn, “But I do believe that I could put together a fall event because some employers are asking for it.

Women’s Basketball Notches A Win Over Fordham To Go Back Over .500!

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BRONX BOROUGH — After a blowout win against Sacred Heart, Temple seemed to get their swagger back heading into the next game against the Fordham Rams. Fordham entered this game 3-5 coming in from a losing effort. Temple definitely showed why they won so dominantly last game with a strong performance this time out as well. The offense was a big part of the win, but the defense is the real reason why they were able to come away with the win. In the first two quarters, Fordham wasn’t able to score double digit points for either. The second half collapse that they were able to avoid started to come back in the fourth quarter again, but Temple had built up such a strong lead, that they were able to avoid losing because of that. They also did what they had to do towards the end of the quarter to pack on enough points keep Fordham away. Donnaizha had a team-high 14 points and team-high seven rebounds, while Alliya Butts added 13 points and Feyonda Fitzgerald added 10 points and four steals. They’re back on track after two double digit wins it looks like.

In the first quarter, the game stayed close until Temple went on a 10-0 run with about four minutes left. At that point, Temple displayed it’s offensive dominance by leading 21-8 at the end of the quarter. The game was already better for top scorer Feyonda Fitzgerald, as she had as many points in the first quarter as she had all game last time out.

The second quarter was much closer, and neither team really got out to an edge. There was excellent defense being played on both sides as neither team got into double digits for the quarter, and there were no big runs allowed by either team. Temple narrowly outscored Fordham 9-6, leading the halftime score to be 30-14.

In the third quarter, both teams displayed their offensive ability a bit more as they were both able to eclipse double digits this time around. Temple, however, still got the upper hand by outscoring Fordham 18-14 in the quarter. There still was no huge run as both teams practically scored right after the other scored.

The fourth quarter is where it almost went all wrong for Temple, though. Fordham went on an 11-2 run, leaving them behind by only 11 points with still about three and a half minutes left in the quarter. With about a minute and a half left in the game, Temple started scoring again, and scored seven of their nine points in the quarter in the last minute and a half left of the game. Those baskets and free-throws sealed the deal on what could have been another comeback loss, due to another bad fourth quarter,

Temple Women’s Soccer Upends SMU, 3-2

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On Sunday, the Owls will celebrate Senior Day. This weekend including not only the last two games of the regular season, but with a high chance of these last two games being the last at the Ambler Soccer Complex, as both the men’s and women’s programs look to move to a new sports complex in the works at the intersection of Broad Street and Jefferson Street. This senior class will be the last to have played all four years of soccer at Ambler, and they know that this weekend, as the Women’s Soccer team hangs by a thread to make the bracket of eight for the conference tournament, it is their time to shine.

All of Temple’s scoring offense was conducted by the senior class. The first goal for the Owls was brought to the back of the net by TUTV’s own Shannon Senour in the 38th minute, who put the header in directed from the foot of Paula Jurewicz. SMU was able to hold the Owl’s off with a 2-1 lead, but the officials were not liking the Mustangs’ gameplay. Two penalty kick goals in the final four minutes, one of them with 30 seconds to go, were off the foot of Erin Lafferty, who had her third 2-goal game of the season. The win vs. SMU also marks Lafferty’s 77th game played, which ties a program record. With senior day on Sunday, she will be on the horizon to become the new record holder.

The 3-2 victory advance the Owls to 11-6-1, and 6th place in the conference with a 3-4-1 AAC record (top eight teams qualify for AAC tournament, November 3rd-8th in Dallas, TX). Seamus O’Connor became the first head coach in program history to lead the team to back-to-back 11-win seasons. The Owls continue to keep their conference tournament hopes alive as they host the dead-last Houston Cougars this Sunday. Game time is set for 1:00pm and will be broadcasted starting at 12:45pm on owlsports.com

Field Hockey Flies Home for Final Game of the Season

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The Owls return home to Geasey Field for their final home game of the season, Friday, as they take on Georgetown University for the team’s senior day.

Temple will recognize it’s ten seniors before the game while the Owls look to build on their upset victory over #12 Old Dominion on Tuesday.

Temple won the game by a score of 1-0 as senior midfielder Sarah Deck recorded the lone goal in the game and Owls senior goalie Haley Mitchell came up with her best performance of the season as she saved all 10 shots that she faced.

Georgetown joins the contest with an 8-7 record this season and are 1-2 in Big East play. They do come into this game with some momentum though as they are currently on a three game winning streak that has included wins over Longwood, Villanova, and Colgate.

Their latest of those three wins was a 3-2 win over Colgate. The Hoyas two leading scorers this season have been junior forward Aliyah Graves-Brown and freshman forward Helena Masiello who each have scored five goals this season.

After this one, the Owls will go on the road for their final two games of the season as they travel to play Lafayette University, and then wrap up the season with a contest against city rival Villanova University.


Another Game, Another Win for Men’s Soccer

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The next victims for the undefeated Temple Owls Men’s Soccer Team was La Salle. As opposed to one player completely destroying the competition offensively, as was the case with Jorge Gomez-Sanchez last week, the Owls decided to spread the wealth with all four goals coming from four completely different players.

The defense stayed impressive too as they only allowed two shots on the goal where one was saved by Alex Cagle, and the other went in. Even with the one goal allowed, Temple defeated La Salle in a lopsided 4-1 victory, which now pushes Temple’s streak to six wins in a row.

This was the last game they will play outside of their conference and they went on without having lost to a single team outside of their conference this season!

Whether it is one player or the whole team getting involved in the offensive onslaughts, Temple just seems to keep scoring goals and keep winning games this season. Now they have the chance to back up the rest of the season by attempting to finish the season off by going undefeated within the American Athletic Conference as they went outside of it.

Philadelphia to increase bike safety efforts

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Philadelphia is ranked among the most bike-friendly cities in the nation, but that doesn’t mean students or Philadelphians are always willing to hop on a bike and ride around town.

The city is hoping that will change with their recent commitment to bike safety.

City officials say they plan to add more than ten new miles of bike lanes. Among those ten miles of lanes, the city is expecting for the first time to install two protected bike lanes, both of which will be installed in Northeast Philadelphia.

The protected lanes will run along Frankford and Ryan Avenues.

Officials say the protected bike lanes will be placed on streets between the curb and the parking lane. They say the city is planning to place traffic delineators, or raised humps on the street to prevent cars from parking in the protected lanes.

Streets Commissioner David Perri told PhillyMag.com the protected bike lanes will start in Northeast Philadelphia partly because Councilman Bobby Henon, a representative of Northeast Philadelphia, has been a vocal advocate for them.

The announcement of an increase bike safety lanes comes just more than one month after the launch of Philadelphia’s Bike Share program “Indego”

Temple Tackles Ebola

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Hospital“Africans, we are usually marginalized into just one big Africa. Nobody really knows North, West and South” junior Adrienne Tingba said.

Tingba is a Liberian native, hailing from West Africa. Tingba’s homeland, joining three other West African countries, are currently under code three travel restrictions as the U.S. government struggles to fight the spread of the Ebola virus.

“I understand why they’re targeting me and [those from my country.] But I don’t agree with them target [all] African nations” Tingba said.

Tingba is referencing the precautionary measures Temple University has taken since the outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. The University has advised all students to avoid travel to and from Africa, especially nations that are currently suffering from an Ebola outbreak.

“In about mid-August, [Temple] contacted students who were coming to campus from West Africa to encourage them to monitor their health and to emphasize the importance of [self-screening for any symptoms.]” said Brandon Lausch, a spokesperson for the University.

University officials have recently contacted those students to inquire about whether or not they plan to travel to Africa this Winter Break. Though main campus has not identified any case of Ebola in students or staff, all those involved have remained vigilant. The Temple University Hospital staff are confident that should an Ebola outbreak occur, they have the ability to contain it.

“Temple has been prepared for bio-terrorism and chemical warfare events for a long time. Because of that, the emergency room folks [at Temple University Hospital] train frequently in the ability to respond…” Dr. Herbert Cushing, MD, and Chief Medical Officer at Temple University Hospital said.

For Tingba, her parents prefer that she spends her holiday in the states rather than return home, where the chance of infection is much higher.