Below is just a partial listing of Temple Update alumni and their current positions. If you don’t see your name here, send your information, including the year(s) you worked on Update, to

Maxine Bentzel (2014)

Maxine Bentzel Maxine is a reporter at WBOC in Salisbury, Maryland. She was hired in June, 2014. Maxine was an  anchor and reporter on Update during the Spring, 2014 semester.



Cody Butler (2013-2014)

Cody Butler Cody is a Reporter/MMJ for WBRE in Wilkes Barre, PA. He joined WBRE in June, 2015 after working for a year as a Video Journalist at WBNG in Binghamton, New York.  Cody worked for Update as an anchor and director during the Spring 2014 semester, and as a  live-shot producer in the Fall 2013 semester.


Aubrey Clerkin (2008-2009)

A. Clerkin (3).jpg Aubrey has been the 7pm news producer at KSNV, News 3, Las Vegas since September of 2013.  Before that, she worked at KTNV in Las Vegas for three years. Her two-hour special, “America’s  Party 2013: Viva Las Vegas,” was nominated for a Pacific Southwest Emmy Award.


Stephanie Craig (2011-2014)

Stephanie Craig Stephanie was hired as a producer at WRGB in Albany, New York in June, 2014. Stephanie was a  supervising producer for Temple Update in Spring, 2014. Before that she had worked on Update as a  producer, reporter, writer and anchor.

Anthony Hopkins (2003)

Anthony Hopkins.jpgAnthony is the Communications Director at Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) in Philadelphia. He came to PCCY in June, 2013 after nine years at Fox29 in Philadelphia. He was a news producer at Fox29 from 2007-2013.


Kaitlin Lavinder (2012)

kait lavinder Kaitlin is taking a two-year break from writing and producing at NewsChannel8 in Washington, DC,  to enroll in the masters program at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.



Jennifer Lee (2010-2011)

Jennifer Lee - LI Jennifer is an MMJ/reporter at WTEN (News10 ABC and FOX23) in Albany, New York. She moved  to  Albany in 2013 from WUTR (ABC) in Utica, New York.



Kristina Leon (2010-2012)

Kristina Leon Kristina is the 6:00pm producer at WFMZ in Allentown, Pa. Before that she was a news writer/producer at CBS3 in Philadelphia. She started at CBS3 in June, 2014 after  working for 18 months as a producer at WBOC in Salisbury, Maryland.



Johnny Mehler (2010-2012)

Johnny-MehlerJohnny is a full-time sports anchor/reporter at WLBZ2, the NBC affiliate in Bangor, Maine. He joined WLBZ in March of 2013. Johnny anchored sports and news during his years with Temple Update.



Ankit Patel (2010-2014)

Ankit Patel (2)

Ankit is a Videographer/Editor at WBFF in Baltimore, Md. He moved to Baltimore after working at WTKR in Norfolk, Virginia, as a Photojournalist. Prior to the Norfolk job, Ankit worked as a Multi-Media Journalist at WPHL17 in Philadelphia and as an editor at Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia. Ankit worked for Update as a director, videographer, and sports coordinator.



Lainie (Segal) Cottrell (1992)

Lainie Segal (3) Lainie has been working as a TV Production Manager since 1992. The last 3 years she’s been  PM’ing “Restaurant: Impossible” on The Food Network. Lainie works for Shooters, Inc. and Marc  Summers Productions in Philadelphia.


Danielle Sacco (2009-2010)

Sacco Photo Square (2) Danielle is in Los Angeles, where she has been working as the Content Producer for  since 2012. Danielle conducts red carpet and one-on-one celebrity interviews and produces exclusive  video content.


Laurie Seidman (1994-1998)

Laurie Seidman

Laurie is currently the Director of Daytime Programming at CBS Entertainment. Before taking that  position in July 2012, Laurie had worked for seven years as the producer of “Medium” for CBS TV.



Sage Sinopoli (2008)

 Sage is a freelance casting director in Los Angeles. She works on  large network shows, and her credits include Little Big Shots, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent and The Four. 


Kris Turner (2013)

Kris TurnerKris is a Production Supervisor at ZAP Entertainment in Los Angeles, where he supervises all content  created for and Canal+ Spain programming. He’s worked with ZAP since August,  2013.


Kaitryn Wetzel (2012)

Kaitryn Wetzel, Update 2012, now 11:00pm Producer at WBOYKaitryn was promoted to the 11:00 producer position at WBOY in Clarksburg/Morgantown, West  Virginia in July, 2014. She had been working at WBOY as a web producer since November, 2013.



Marianna Zimmerman (2013-2014)

Marianna Zimmerman Marianna was hired in June 2014 as a producer at WSTM in Syracuse, New York. Marianna was a  producer for Temple Update during the Spring 2014 semester and reported for Update from London  in Fall 2013.