Cosby Defense Rests Case in Assault Trial

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Bill Cosby’s defense team in the high profile Cosby assault trial has officially rested their case, marking the end of official hearings from prosecutors and defense.

Cosby’s team made their final statements before the Judge Steven O’Neil today, opening the floor to closing arguments expected to take place tomorrow. Judge O’Neil informed jurors that they had been provided with all the evidence in the case.

Cosby has opted not to testify before a jury, instead leaving his innocence up to his extensive legal team, including Tom Mesereau, who represented Michael Jackson in his 2005 child abuse case.

Cosby Atorney Tom Mesereau (Courtesy: Mesereau Law Group)

Today’s case marks the end of weeks of hearings in what is now Cosby’s second trial, his first last summer ending in a hung jury. The defense has insisted that Cosby acted with consent when he had sexual relations with former Temple employee Andrea Constand. Constand, however, along with several other accusers, claim that Cosby drugged and assaulted them.

Defense attorney’s have sought to create a narrative that Constand and other accusers are con artists seeking to rip Cosby off. Cosby had previously paid Constand over 3 million dollars in a previous civil suit, and critics now argue that she wants more.

The defense’s claims were slightly undermined Wednesday, however, as a key witness admitted that she and a Cosby attorney had “created it together.”

Cosby is charged with 3 counts of aggravated and indecent assault and faces a potential 10 years in prison for each charge if found guilty.

Closing arguments are expected in the next few days, and jury deliberations will likely wrap up in the following weeks.

Michelle Obama visitará Temple para “College Signing Day”

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Michelle Obama se unirá a una lista de celebridades, quien serás los anfitriónes de “College Signing Day” en el Liacouras Center


Michelle Obama celebrará “College Signing Day” en la Ciudad de amor fraternal el miércoles 2 de mayo.

La ex Primera Dama pasará el día junto a 8,000 estudiantes en el Liacouras Center, celebrando sus futuros en universidades de cuatro años, universidades comunitarias, escuelas comerciales y programas militares.

Ella anunció en el evento en Twitter, el jueves 5 de abril:

Otros nombres notables que se unen a la celebración incluyen: Bradley Cooper, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kelly Rowland, Nick Cannon, Robert De Niro, Zendaya, jugadores de los campeones del Super Bowl, los Eagles de Filadelfia y más

Este no es el primer visitante de la Administración de Barack Obama para venir a Temple, el ex vicepresidente Joe Biden visitó el Temple Performing Arts Center el miércoles 11 de abril para una programa de el organización, Main Campus Program Board.

Temple Students Take Part in Second Walk Out

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Yesterday marked Temple’s second walk out in protest of gun violence and reform in recent months. Students and faculty at the university, as well as schools around the city, marched out of class to call for legislation and reform of America’s gun laws.

The protest comes as April 20th marks the 19th anniversary of the infamous Columbine shooting in 1999, in which two seniors killed fellow students and faculty in their high school. Schools across the country participated in the event, with Temple’s own event garnering student interest in the thousands on its Facebook page.

Speaking to Temple Update, senior Adam Leopold said “Today was a fantastic success. Turnout was never a concern of ours. We would have been happy to speak to 10 people who really care rather than 1000 who just wanted to get out of class.”

The event also featured public speakers, students, and faculty, all who made their voice heard during the large gathering at the Bell Tower. Local Temple community members who have lost loved ones to violence were also in attendance to make their voices heard, and a moment of silence was held for those lost to gun violence.

“We did have a wonderful turnout and a lot of passionate attendees who had the chance to speak out on their own to accompany our slew of speakers. We did something really good today,” Leopold said.

Protesters hope that events like these will spark conversation and further legislation in gun violence in the future, and more walkouts are expected down the line.



TUPD aborda las alegaciones de AEPi

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En un correo electrónico enviado a estudiantes el viernes, la policía del Temple emitió una declaración formal en lo que respecta a los cargos se nivelan contra la fraternidad Alpha Epsilon Pi de Temple.

Declaración oficial de AEPi después de las acusaciones en abril

Los privilegios sociales de AEPi fueron suspendidos el 1 de abril tras de una investigación universitaria pendiente. Lo que la fraternidad estaba siendo acusado de no estaba claro en ese momento sin embargo, y TUPD no había abordado formalmente los cargos hasta el viernes, 20 de abril.

En una declaración publicada por la fraternidad en su Instagram, cuando las alegaciones se hicieron públicas por primera vez, el grupo declaró que ellos mismos no eran conscientes de los cargos, pero prometió cooperación con cualquier investigación.

“If we determine that one of our members is responsible-or even knowledge of whom internally or externally is responsible-we will deal with them to the full extent of our powers, including beginning expulsion proceedings from the fraternity and turning them over to local and school authorities,” dijeron los miembros de AEPi.

En el correo electrónico, sin embargo, los oficiales del campus identificaron específicamente las acusaciones bajo investigación, incluyendo la posesión de drogas y mala conducta sexual, incluyendo asalto sexual.

La fraternidad ya no es reconocida por Temple en espera de un seguimiento por las autoridades. La policía de la ciudad de Filadelfia también está involucrada en el caso.

La actividad policia de se incrementará en el bloque 2000 de Broad Street durante las investigaciones de procedimiento.

Cualquier estudiante que tiene información que ayude a la investigación puede hacer una llamada anónima a la policía de Temple a 215-204-1234, o enviar un correo electrónico al Departamento en

Además, aquellos que buscan apoyo o recursos relacionados con el asalto pueden ponerse en contacto con el centro de recursos de bienestar al 215-204-8436 o en 

TUPD Addresses AEPi Allegations

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In an email to students today, Temple police issued a formal statement in regards to the charges currently being leveled against Temple’s Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

AEPi’s social privileges were suspended on April 1st following a pending university investigation. What the frat was being charged with was unclear at that time however, and TUPD had not formally addressed the charges until today.

AEPi’s official statement following accusations in early April

In a statement released by the frat on their Instagram when the allegations were first made public, the group stated that they themselves were unaware of the charges, but promised full cooperation with any investigations.

“If we determine that one of our members is responsible-or even knowledge of whom internally or externally is responsible-we will deal with them to the full extent of our powers, including beginning expulsion proceedings from the fraternity and turning them over to local and school authorities.”

In today’s email, however, campus officials specifically identified the accusations under investigation, including possession of drugs and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault.

As of today, the fraternity is not currently recognized by Temple pending a follow up by authorities, and city police are also involved in the case.

Police activity will be increased on the 2000 block of Broad street during the proceeding investigations.

Any students who may have information aiding the investigation may make an anonymous call to Temple police at 215-204-1234, or

email the department at Additionally, those seeking support or resources related to assault may contact the Wellness Resource Center at 215-204-8436 or at

Temple’s WHIP Radio Takes Part in Vinylthon

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Temple’s own radio station, WHIP, will be joining over 90 other college radio stations in this year’s College Radio Day Vinylthon.

Starting Saturday, April 21st at noon, WHIP will be playing nothing but vinyl track for a full 24 hours. The station will be participating in the event as a part of an initiative by College Radio Day to mobilize schools across the country for the event.

College Radio Day is a non-profit collaboration founded by students and professors with the goal of bringing college radio stations together “to harness the combined listenership of hundreds of thousands of college radio listeners throughout the world and to celebrate the important contribution of college radio by uniting for this one day.”

While College Radio Day itself is not until October, the group hosts several other events throughout the year, including Vinylthon. According to College Radio Day founder, Dr. Rob Quicke, “the idea of this Vinylthon makes sense because college radio is still probably the only remaining medium that regularly plays music on vinyl. A lot of college students still buy vinyl at record stores and then bring them to the studio to play them on the air.”

This year’s Vinylthon will mark the third anniversary of the event. Those interested can tune into WHIP on iHeartRadio from start to finish Saturday.


Norristown Businesses Flourish as Cosby Trial Continues

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The Cosby trial has thrust Norristown into the national spotlight in recent weeks – and the crowds are making some business owners in the local community pretty happy.
Pauline’s Deli is just around the corner from the Montgomery County Courthouse, and has seen a large wave of new customers within the last few days of court proceedings.
Amy Gentile, a waitress, at Pauline’s Deli for just over a year, says that it’s been pretty hectic around lunchtime especially.
“We’ve been working like machines in here,” she said Wednesday during a brief lull in business before lunch time. “Lunch has been crazy and I believe it’s put us in a situation of…survival mode.”
When court adjourns for lunch, there is only a short window to grab a quick bite to eat – usually just about an hour.
“We’ve had some really great people come in whether they’re jury selections and we’ve had a couple celebrities.”
And it’s not just Pauline’s that is reaping the benefits of the celebrity court case.
Alma Laguna, who owns Las Palmas del Sur, says they have been located on Main Street in Norristown for about four years, and they have enjoyed the increase in business.
“We’re doing good on lunch normally but on those days, we’re doing better,” she said. “All these tables here – and so many to go orders.”
The end of the trial is still a ways away, but local restaurants such as Pauline’s and Las Palmas are ready and eager to serve the visitors.
“I’ve really enjoyed the guests – I’m here to serve them. While we’re here, come on in!” said Gentile.

Temple Students Take Advantage of Warmer Weather

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After weeks of cold weather and big coats, Temple Students finally had the opportunity to hang out in the sun when temperatures hit in the 80’s this past weekend. Temple Owls were seen surrounding the Bell Tower playing Frisbee, hanging out in the grass, and laying in the sun.

One of these students taking advantage of the temperatures was sophomore Emma Lillianthal.

“So it’s kind of a big change from what has been previously happening with the weather. But, I am definitely enjoying it I really think that it brings like the whole community together on Temple’s campus and everybody kind of comes out and hangs out,” says Lillianthal.

Spending warm days on Temple’s Beury Beach is a tradition students have been looking forward to once spring weather hit. Hopefully, the spring weather will come to stay so that students can continue to enjoy Temple’s outdoor spaces.

Manayunk Kicks Off Restaurant Week with Annual StrEAT Food Festival

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Rainy weather didn’t stop people from heading out to explore some of Philadelphia’s best food vendors over the weekend.

The familiar hum of generators filled Manayunk’s historic Main Street for the annual StrEAT Food Festival. Over 50 of Philadelphia’s best food trucks and gourmet food vendors lined the street on Sunday despite the chilly weather.

“It’s delicious, it’s a little cold, but it’s definitely worth coming out when you can eat stuff like this,” said Shannon Reilly of Abington as she showed off her sandwich. “It’s so good, it’s like breakfast, lunch all rolled up into one.”

“This is my first time here,” said David Kremer of King of Prussia. “I got a crispy chicken sandwich with bacon and some kind of sauce, and it’s absolutely delicious.”

People enjoyed a wide variety of foods, from savory sandwiches and sides to sugary desserts. Roasted corn on the cob and Philly Fry fries were popular picks throughout the crowds.

Temple senior Mitch Dugan appreciated not only the food, but also the business side of the festivities.

“I can definitely see why they do this every year, I think this is great for the local businesses around here. It gets a lot of people down here on Main Street, so it’s a really good thing,” explained Dugan.

The one-day festival served as the kickoff celebration for Manayunk’s Restaurant Week. Some of the street vendors plan to participate throughout the week at their main locations along Main Street.

“We’ve got a place right at the bus station down the street, so we love coming out, seeing the neighbors, seeing the community,” expressed Caroline Bird of Deke’s Bar-B-Que.

“We come out here for every street festival that we have in here in Manayunk, we’ve supported it wholeheartedly,” said David Boyle of Jake’s and Cooper’s Wine Bar. “We love it, so we always do the Jake’s crab cakes… it’s a wonderful experience.”

Temple students will have the opportunity to experience a similar event right on campus. TU Foodie Fest kicks off the evening of April 24th on 13th street. More information can be found by following Temple Student Activities on social media @tuactivities.

HootaThon Members Host On-Campus Thrift Store

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Temple students put on their jackets and braved the cold weather to raise money for kids at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

On Tuesday at the O’Connor Plaza, HootaThon members hosted their second Pop-Up Thrift Store. They had dozens of boxes filled with donated clothes that students could look through on their way to classes. All of the items come from generous Temple students, HootaThon members, and others throughout the community.

Although the next HootaThon dance marathon isn’t until February 2019, they hope events like these will help break the school’s record of $465,000 dollars last year.

The thrift shop was from noon until 4 PM and all clothing items could be paid for using cash, Venmo, and credit cards. The organization will be having more fundraisers next semester to raise money for the children.

To learn more information, visit