Temple Rome Anniversary Brings Weeklong Food Celebration to Main Campus

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Temple University is celebrating 50 years of Temple Rome with a week-long food themed celebration hosted by the Education Abroad office from.

“Well of course food is Italian tradition, Italian culture, and it seemed like a great way to celebrate Temple University Rome’s 50th and also a way that the full university community could take advantage,” Denise Connerty, Assistant Vice President for Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses said.

The celebration started with the event “Tasting Rome” at Melograno Restaurant, a restaurant owned by Temple University alum Marie Tran and her husband, Chef Gianluca Demontis. Tran met her husband while studying abroad in Rome through Temple. They served an authentic Italian dish, and all proceeds collected will benefit the Temple Rome Scholarship Fund.

Another event in the celebration was Food Truck Festa. Alumni-owned food trucks served and highlighted Italian dishes at the Bell Tower. Music was played and attendees got the opportunity to find out more information on study abroad opportunities.

“I just like how there are a lot of food trucks I haven’t tried, so it’s nice to go around and see what they have and taste different things,” Temple junior Mina Tatar said.

The week will conclude with a night of networking at the Fox School of Business with members of Professionisti Italiani a Philadelphiaand fried artichoke food sampling. Senior, Kayla Karp will also present her project: 3,000 years in the making: The Story of Jews in Rome which is a project she started while studying abroad in Rome last year.

“We’re given our education and we are given the opportunity to have these classes and have these lessons, but very few times do we take advantage, and turn that opportunity into our ability to do something. I want to share with other students and other professionals that we have to take that step,” Karp said.

The celebration does not end here. This May, Temple University will host another week packed event to celebrate the anniversary at Temple Rome’s campus. For more information on Temple Rome and study abroad opportunities through Temple University click here.

Temple University Celebrates 50 Years of Temple Rome

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Photos courtesy of Temple Education Abroad Office

This school year marks 50 years of Temple University’s Rome, Italy campus. To celebrate in Philadelphia, the Education Abroad office on main campus is hosting events starting on March 20 of Roman Food and Foodways, a popular aspect of Italy.

“The events were inspired by the connection of Italian food being a big part of the culture while  students study abroad in Italy, so we wanted to highlight all parts of that to celebrate and connect the two cultures,” Giovanna Cucciniello, the Institutional Relations Manager of Temple’s Education Abroad office said.

Registration for all the events are open online, and most are free to the public. The week kicks off with Tasting Rome at Philadelphia restaurant, Melograno Restaurant. Temple alum and co-owner Marie Tran opened the restaurant with her husband a few years ago. They will be serving an authentic Italian dish, and all proceeds will benefit the Temple Rome Scholarship Fund.

The week will conclude with a night of networking at the Fox School of Business with Professionisti Italiani a Philadelphia (“P.I. Philly”) and food tasting. Fox student, Kayla Karp will also present her project that is 3,000 years in the making: The Story of Jews in Rome at this event.

The middle of the week will consist of a Slow-Food Documentary Screening on Tuesday, Food Truck Festa at the Bell Tower on Wednesday, and 50 Foods of Lazio, 50 Years in Rome on Thursday.

All events will have tables highlighting study abroad opportunities worldwide and different opportunities open to all students in Temple Rome. To learn more information about the weeklong events, or other upcoming events including the golden celebration of Temple University Rome, visit the study abroad website. 


Temple Hosts the Eleventh Annual Global Temple Conference

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On November 9, 2016, Temple University hosted the Global Temple Conference, a showcase which celebrated and highlighted Temple students and faculty members whose work extends over seas.

This marks the eleventh annual event, but differs from previous conferences because this year included a special exhibit of the History of Temple Rome in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Temple Rome campus.

The audience was welcomed by Temple Provost, JoAnne A. Epps and the plenary speech was presented by Zabeth Teelucksingh, Executive Director, Global Philadelphia Association.

Ms. Teelucksingh is no stranger to the university. “This university is a member of Global Philadelphia, so occasionally I am invited to the university to speak to the students about the work of the association, and of course offer internships and other opportunities. I am very happy to do that.” She said.

The conference rounded off with panel presentations as student poster displays. Senior Taylor Chenevert traveled to Albania this past summer and illustrated her experience on two posters at the conference.

“A lot of people do not realize that architectural preservation reaches all types of places and you can do so many things with that. Not a lot of people know about the Architectural Preservation major, so I just wanted to share what I was doing and what I did when I was over there doing hands on conservation work.” Chenevert said.

Some students, like Chenevert, received academic credit for their projects. But, the Global Temple committee will decide on students who had the best posters and papers at the Global Temple conference and winners will be awarded and announced later this on its website.

For more information, click here.

Temple University Rome Celebrates 50 Years

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2016 marks the 50th anniversary for Temple University Rome Campus. To celebrate here in the United States, professors of Temple Rome put together Mostra dei Docenti di which translates to exhibition of teacher (the exhibition of Temple University Rome faculty).

In the exhibition, visitors can admire visual feature works in sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and architecture.


This exhibit, located in the Tyler School of Art Atrium foyer is just one event in the year-long celebration of the anniversary, and this is the first time Temple Rome faculty artwork is being presented at the same location.

Junior Caitlin Miner finds the exhibit new and refreshing addition to the building saying, “I am Italian and this is interesting to me because normally whatever is up here isn’t necessary relative to my either my culture or what I can understand, so this is pretty cool because I walked immediately up to the blue bubbles over there. I had no idea it was suppose to be architecture, but after reading the sign about it, I was like okay that makes sense. Yeah, it’s really cool. I am a music student, not an art student, so when they put stuff up on our side, it makes it look a lot nicer. It’s reallyfullsizerender cool.”

The gallery is part of Ciao Philadelphia, a month-long celebration of Italian culture and gives visitors a glimpse of the artwork seen on Temple Rome Campus.

Faculty exhibitors include Cinzia Abbate, Roberto Caracciolo, Lucy Clink, Anita Guerra, Devin Kovach, Katherine Krizek, William Pettit, Roberto Mannino, Liana Miuccio, and Carolina Vaccaro who are all currently in Rome. The event was organized by Susan Moore, Kim Strommen and Shara Wasserman.

For more information on events for Temple Rome’s 50th anniversary celebration, visit https://studyabroad.temple.edu/temple-rome-50th-anniversary-celebration.

New Robot Revolution Exhibit at The Franklin Institute

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The Franklin Institute Science Museum, home to 12 permanent exhibits, has opened up a new interactive exhibit dedicated to Robots called The Robot Revolution.

Different than other featured exhibits in the past, The Robot Revolution includes 40 different robots from companies and universities all over the world.

There are four different sections where museum guests can experience human and robotic collaboration that concentrate on robotic skills, smarts, cooperation, and locomotion.

Temple Alum, Kyeran Reddmond believes the self driving car is really interesting and is  a really awesome innovation for society.

After exploring the exhibit, 1971 Temple Graduate Mark Schwartz imagines there will be many, many more uses for robots as he is sure his wife would love to have robots that clean the house.

He also mentioned a robot he would take home if he could take one today saying, “The robot at the very beginning of the exhibit looks like big hero six and our granddaughters all like big hero six so I would take it home so we could play with them and play with big hero six.”

Some featured robots are made for leisure like the soccer playing robots and some are equipt to conduct surgeries on the human body.

Loretta Mackay believes robots are the future saying, ” I mean, they’ve been out for a while, but there’s a lot more happening in the future that we’ll be using robots for a lot for what we do. It’ll take away some jobs, but it’ll also create a lot more jobs.”

From now until April 2, 2017, anyone is able to purchase tickets for the exhibit online or in person at the Franklin Institute.

For more information, visit: https://www.fi.edu/


La Gran L’ Aquila Host Amatrice Earthquake Fundraiser

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Following the devastating earthquake last month in Amatrice, Italy, the Italian community in Philadelphia organized a charity benefit wine event at La Gran L’ Aquila restaurant.

Approximately 50 people were in attendance Monday as the event kicked off. Tickets went for $125 per person, and donations were accepted as well. Attendees of the event received a four course meal paired with wine, sweet gelato, and award winning Italian coffee.

One hundred percent of the proceeds are being given to the Amatrice Government Disaster Relief efforts in Amatrice, Italy to restore the city and help victims of the earthquake. The natural disaster took 292 lives and injured many. Seven years ago, a similar earthquake destroyed La Gran L’ Aquila restaurant, which at the time was located in Amatrice, Italy. The owners of the restaurant, Maestro Stefano Biasini Michele Morelli, have since relocated to Philadelphia.

The charity benefit raised over $11,000 for Amatrice so far. You can find more information on how you can donate to this cause here.