New Robot Revolution Exhibit at The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute Science Museum, home to 12 permanent exhibits, has opened up a new interactive exhibit dedicated to Robots called The Robot Revolution.

Different than other featured exhibits in the past, The Robot Revolution includes 40 different robots from companies and universities all over the world.

There are four different sections where museum guests can experience human and robotic collaboration that concentrate on robotic skills, smarts, cooperation, and locomotion.

Temple Alum, Kyeran Reddmond believes the self driving car is really interesting and is  a really awesome innovation for society.

After exploring the exhibit, 1971 Temple Graduate Mark Schwartz imagines there will be many, many more uses for robots as he is sure his wife would love to have robots that clean the house.

He also mentioned a robot he would take home if he could take one today saying, “The robot at the very beginning of the exhibit looks like big hero six and our granddaughters all like big hero six so I would take it home so we could play with them and play with big hero six.”

Some featured robots are made for leisure like the soccer playing robots and some are equipt to conduct surgeries on the human body.

Loretta Mackay believes robots are the future saying, ” I mean, they’ve been out for a while, but there’s a lot more happening in the future that we’ll be using robots for a lot for what we do. It’ll take away some jobs, but it’ll also create a lot more jobs.”

From now until April 2, 2017, anyone is able to purchase tickets for the exhibit online or in person at the Franklin Institute.

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