Study Away LA: How Owls Are Casting Their Ballot

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Your vote is your voice and you wont be heard unless you go out to the polls and vote.

Temple LA students can’t just go to the polls on November 8th. But they still want their voice heard. By this time people in the program will have to overnight their absentee ballots to make Friday’s 5 pm deadline.

In an important election for graduating owls are taking advantage of their right to vote even from across the country. But some might lose their vote because of possible postal service delays.

Originally Chanelle Grannum’s ballot got lost in the mail. She only got hers because a family member works for her county.

“I lucked out in that sense, but like it made me wonder like how many people aren’t getting their absentee ballot because of a mistake like that.”

Others at temple LA weren’t quite as lucky.

“I would like to vote, however, there have been some complications with the mail and I haven’t received my absentee ballot yet,” said Kiera Campbell.

This problem might be even more widespread. Pennsylvania’s neighbor to the east, Ohio, is already reporting similar absentee ballot issues.

“It’s completely unacceptable. The post office needs to do a better job,” said Jon Husted, Secretary of State of Ohio.

Problems with this year’s mail-in ballots have Campbell hoping for more modern choices in the future.

I think it would be maybe more encouraging for young people to vote if it was easier for them, and like more up to date with the technology that we’re used to and uh that people’s absentee ballots don’t get lost in the mail.”

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