2014 Philadelphia Marathon

It’s one of the biggest events in Philly every fall.

60,000 runners lined up on the parkway at the crack of dawn for the Philadelphia Marathon, and so did the fans.

“People like really caring to be there for you and supporting,” runner Megan Stoner explained, “That helped me go faster and achieve my goal.”

The Owls were well represented in the group. Temple’s core group of runners took on the 26, and so did I.

Temple student and runner, Lakin Daynorowicz, said, “I’d the say the last 500 meters absolutely suck though, because you know, you just want to finish.”

But for first time runners like myself, time was the last thing on my mind, but for the elite, it’s about more than just finishing.

“The hill in Manayunk, that was hell,” Daynorowicz said with a chuckle.

“My legs, they got tired after, you know, like halfway through maybe,” Stoner explained, “So the halfway point was just really where you have to push through the end.”

Despite that common goal to finish, for runners doing both the half and the full, the race is more than just crossing off the miles.

“I actually beat my time, my goal time by a second,” Stoner added.

“And I met my two people. My goals were to finish under two hours and to meet two cool people. I met two awesome people,” Daynorowicz stated.

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