Students Registering For Classes See a Mix of Options

As registration ramps up this week, students are noticing some classes are being offered in-person.

University spokesman Ray Betzner says three quarters of classes are expected to have some in-person elements in the fall.

“I do want to go in person but I do appreciate having one or two online that I can have some flexibility with,” junior engineering student Cameron Flamm says.

Flamm says most of his engineering courses will have less than ten people and most of his large lectures are online. When it comes to safety, he says he will practice social distancing and is hopeful more people will be vaccinated.

“If I am vaccinated, I am not going to worry as much, but if more people are vaccinated, that will in general be a better environment.”

Like Flamm, sophomore Kladinne Belaong says her in person classes for next semester will not be as big and her larger lectures will be virtual.

“I know I am half vaccinated and if we are all inside wearing masks, I am okay with it,” Belaong says.

Wearing masks: one of the four pillars of health Temple abides by to create a safe environment during the pandemic. This pillar may not change, but one inside the classroom is.

Social distancing guidelines will be relaxed in the classroom, allowing more people to be in a room at once. Seating will go from six feet to three feet apart.

“As an urban school that is part of the city of Philadelphia, we have to abide by the city’s regulations,” Betzner says.

Betzner wants to remind everyone that Temple has to follow city regulations, so classes may be subject to change, meaning a class that indicates it is in person now could be online come August.

He also adds that just as the city has expanded to 1C for administering vaccinations, he is hopeful more students will be vaccinated by the time they return to school.


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