A Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic Temple University Chapter had its first annual Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday. Children from around Philadelphia came out to make arts and crafts, have fun with their favorite Disney Princesses, and win prizes in the Easter egg hunt.

The Foundation started back in 2014 when a young woman by the name of Kylee McGrane came up with the idea of dressing up as Disney characters and going to local hospitals to cheer up young children. In 2015, the organization grew when fellow students joined, and soon after the organization traveled to hospitals across the east coast. We got the chance to speak with the president of the Temple University Chapter, Stephanie Fallon, to learn more about the organization and their mission:

“This has been a huge change to my life. I really feel like I’ve found my passion through this organization. It’s really become a part of my life, putting in as many hours as humanly possible. We we’re able to put in about 50 visits this year, and just being able to touch these children in a way that we can, and just provide this experience of these princesses that they might be too sick to see in person.”

Fallon feels a strong connection with the volunteers and children of this organization. Temple Update’s very own Jane Vitelli was there as Ariel, bringing smiles to young princesses who paraded at the Bell Tower that day.

The chapter has around 40 volunteers who dress up and bring joy to the children of the Delaware Valley. These women embody the foundation’s mission of being brave, strong, and fearless.




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