The StrEAT Food Festival Takes Manayunk

For the past eight years, the Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival has kicked off Restaurant Week in the Philadelphia neighborhood. With dozens of food trucks to pick from, thousands of Philly residents and tourists flocked to Main Street where the celebration was held.  Spencer Curtis lives just a few blocks from the festival and had nothing but good things to say. “This is one of the best days to live in the area. For us, it’s food trucks galore and you can call the food festival whatever you’d like, but it’s a fantastic day to be in Manayunk.”  

Kevin Kramer co-owns The Chilly Banana dessert truck with his wife, Courtney. Mr. Kramer saw the day as a chance to get customers outside their comfort zones. As he puts it, for “someone who’s never had vegan ice cream, this is a great opportunity for them to branch out, expand their wings, get out of the box.  And, to try something different that’s healthy and delicious.”

Megan Douress, head of marketing and events for the Manayunk Development Corporation which hosts the food festival, saw StrEAT Fest as a chance to highlight neighborhood businesses and the community. With the large number of visitors who attend the festival, Ms. Douress believes the event grants local restaurants and stores access to customers they may not have been able to reach otherwise.

Manayunk Restaurant Week began April 15th and goes till April 26th.

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