A New Addition to Campus: Tiny Libraries

A new way to find books has come to campus. Tiny Libraries can help you find your next great read.

University organization Temple PEX has recently constructed several tiny libraries on campus for students to be able to find great books on the go. Tiny Libraries are a new addition to campus this spring.

 There are currently four spread out on campus with another one soon to come. These new tiny libraries can be found at 1300 Residence Hall, Beury Hall, the student center breezeway, and the Boyer College of Music.

Temple Update spoke to Donnell Powell, organizer of Temple Pex, about the program.

“It encourages professors and students to use the dynamic arts and culture landscape of Philadelphia to connect with the curriculum,” said Powell.

Current students and alumni worked together to build and design tiny libraries so you can take a book and leave a book.

Donnell got the idea from his community in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia, where he saw the success of tiny libraries during the pandemic. He believes that tiny libraries can bring people together. 

“What I believe Temple students will thirst for when returning back on campus is just a sense of community.”

If you wish to get involved with Temple PEX, it are holding its annual art competition titled “Grit and Beauty” on Thursday, March 31st in the Charles Library event space from 4 to 6 pm.

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