Acting President Englert to Address Temple University

Art Hochner is still looking for answers after a tumultuous summer.

He hopes to get some of those answers when President Englert makes his State of the University speech this week.

As the President of the Temple Association of University Professionals, Hochner represents over 2,800 faculty members at Temple, and wants to see more communication from higher up.

“It’s too closed a system. I think it would be helpful for the university if we knew more in detail what lead to these precipitous decisions,” said Hochner.

Two weeks after former President Neil Theobald relieved Provost Hai-Lung Dai of his duties in June, the Board of Trustees took a vote of no confidence in Theobald, leading to his resignation. A university wide email cited the discovery of a $22 million financial aid deficit.

Beasley Law School Dean Joanne Epps took over as Provost, an appointment made by Theobald before his resignation. The former Dean of the College of Education and Chief of Staff to President Theobald, Richard “Dick” Englert, was named Acting President.

Temple Student Government President Aron Cowen says both President Englert and Provost Epps have distinguished themselves in a short amount of time.

“I think President Englert and also Provost Epps have been very clear in saying we’re back to business as usual.”

Students we spoke with said they want President Englert to assure them the University is on the right track, but Cowen said Englert’s attention is already on the students.

“They care about the student experience, they care about faculty experience, they care that faculty have the resources and support they need to thrive in.”

President Englert will address the University at 10 am on Thursday.

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