Active Minds: “Don’t Fret, Pet”

As this semester comes to an end, the Active Minds club offered its students a free event called “Don’t Fret, Pet” to help them destress as finals are quickly approaching. 

On April 20th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Student Activities Center students were welcomed to partake in different creative activities such as making origami, playing with playdough, creating personalized memo boards as well as pet therapy dogs. 

Different games including Jenga, Pictionary, Trouble and even Ping Pong were also options for students to have fun with to keep their minds off of school work and give them a chance to meet new people and hang out with friends.

Senior Biology Major, Gabriel Puckett told Temple Update’s Taylor Carmichael “Through events like this, I’ve kind of like reset my mind and just, it puts me in a state to where I feel like I can do it.” Another student, Michael Gibbons, mentioned “it’s been really, really awesome, awesome senior year and it’s just been so awesome to finally can, like, connect with people in person, whether we’re wearing masks or not. So, so I’d say it’s been spectacular.”

One of the dogs at the event named Chloe got a lot of attention at this event. Chloe’s owner, Ava Issacs, told Temple Update as students got to pet her beloved animal “I came to help people who are stressed out or need help with exams, something to kinda calm down and relax.” Issacs also mentioned Chloe is eleven years old and will do anything for a treat. 

If you missed today’s “Don’t Fret, Pet” event don’t forget to take time for yourself and distress between studying for finals. On-campus students can go to Ritter Annex Hall and relax in its “Zen Den” where space is provided for students who need time to relax, talk with peers, and even nap.

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