Adjuncts Vote to Unionize

The battle for unionization has finally come to an end. Temple University’s adjunct faculty voted to merge with Temple Association of University Professionals, the collective bargaining unit that represents the remaining university faculty.

Temple University’s adjunct faculty has been petitioning for unionization for some time now. These talks long pre-dated the rallies for unionization held last semester covered by Temple Update here.

Adjuncts have been asking Provost Hai-Lung Dai to allow them to join the collective bargaining unit already established at the university since before March 19. That was the day that the adjuncts visited Pennsylvania’s State Capitol to appear before the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board.

The decision to unionize came through a vote produced by the same labor relations board. 609 in favor of unionization, 266 voted in favor of remaining unrepresented. Votes were fully counted on Wednesday, November 25. Provost Hai-Lung Dai emailed faculty to let them know of the vote.

The vote to unionize represents peace of mind to many adjuncts.

“More benefits and more continuity and a sense of job security. So even a one year contract rather than a semester contract, so that if my classes are cancelled last minute, I could be reimbursed, would be helpful,” Adjunct Professor Maggie Avner told Temple Update last semester.

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