After Their First Tournament Win In School History, Temple Loses To USF In The Tournament

After splitting the season 1-1, USF got the best of Temple when it mattered the most with a 64-46 win over the Owls. The day before, against Tulsa, was Temple first ever win in the American Athletic Conference tournament. Tanaya Atkinson is the only player to have scored over double digits with 17 points with Erica Covile, in her last game as an Owl, almost getting a nearly getting a point-rebound double double with nine points and nine rebounds. Temple ended their season going 20-11, for a second consecutive 20 win season.

The first quarter started off with a big lead for the USF, but Temple was able to fight it off toward the end of the quarter and end the quarter with a one point lead over USF, 15-14.

Both teams stayed competitive and close during the second quarter as well as USF ended the quarter with a three point lead. At halftime, Tanaya Atkinson lead all scorers with 12 points along with Shaleth Stringfield of USF. Both teams were pretty equal in all stats, but Temple had more blocks and steals, while USF had more rebounds over them. Both teams had made the same amount of field goals and three pointers made this season, but the three extra free throws helped them gain the advantage.

Temple started off the third quarter with a 9-2 run in the third quarter and held a six point lead, until USF started to close the gap and went on a 14-2 run by the end of the quarter and held a six point lead.

USF took that lead and ran with it into developing a 19 point lead where Temple’s offense stagnated and they were only able to amass seven points in the quarter while USF scored 18. This has been a very eventful season for Temple and seems to be getting better each year out.

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