Alumni Make A Difference In Their Community


Alumni and students teamed up to tackle community service projects throughout the city.  Their efforts were part of the first annual Temple Alumni Global Day of Service held on Saturday.

One project was the clean up at the Uber street garden, located between 19th and 20th street.  Volunteers worked to clear weeds and prepare the crop beds for planting in the spring.  The Uber Street garden is maintained by the community as well as members of Temple’s chapter of the Engineers Without Borders.

Students at the Uber Street site say serving their community is a part of what makes them Temple Made.

“I really enjoy helping local Philadelphia neighborhoods,” said junior, Torin Johnson. “It helps me bring some pride to my city.”

James Furman, President of Temple’s chapter of the Engineers Without Borders, added, “It’s all about really giving that community perspective, like, seeing things from the community’s eyes, not just our eyes. When you really make that connection and you make that difference, you know, you’re doing something on a whole bigger level and Temple is all about that.”

While some cleaned up the Uber Street Garden, other alumni helped out their furry friends at Operation Ava.

Operation Ava is a no-kill shelter that cares for abandoned or abused animals. The organization provides foster, rescue, and adoption services, helps with pet medical care, and educates children about animal neglect.

After doing some maintenance work, volunteers helped out by giving the animals some attention and fresh air.

With events all over the city and country, volunteers could help out in every way possible.  The Global Day of Service consisted of 27 volunteer events in 13 cities, 8 states and 3 countries. Service activities included cleaning up parks, serving dinner at soup kitchens, donating to food banks, knitting for the NICU and many more.

“You can help out with animals, you can help at a recreation center, whatever is of interest to you and I think that’s huge for people to know that volunteering isn’t just one one aspect,” said Holly Pfiefer, a member of the Temple Class of 2011.

Volunteers agreed that their hard work was well worth it.  In fact, several organizers say they’re already planning next year’s Alumni Global Day of Service.

For more information about Temple Alumni activities, visit the TUAA website.


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