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Temple University’s Ambler Campus puts out a treat for the students every other Monday and Tuesday mornings. The students can get a cup of coffee, a bagel and donuts to give them a boost of energy before they get to class.

Horticulture major senior Jeremy Sinclair says he appreciates the free breakfast, especially if he didn’t get any before he came to campus, “When you spend Sunday night studying really late and you get up later Monday morning than you expect, you miss breakfast a little bit, it’s here, it’s great to have.”

The coffee “station” located in the Bright Lounge in Bright Hall has all the fixings you need for your coffee and bagels, from different flavored creamers to low calorie sweeteners, to different flavored cream cheese and spreads.

The service is organized through the Ambler Campus Office of Student Life. Assistant Dean of Student Life Dr. Wanda Lewis-Campbell says her office asked a different Ambler Campus department to sponsor the service every week. She says as the students grab a bite to eat, they get the feeling that the various departments care about them.

Dr. Lewis-Campbell says in addition to all that caring, this is also a chance for the various sponsoring departments to bring to light the services and events they have in store for students. “Some departments bring brochures and flyers to update students on what it is they have coming up hoping that students will come to where they are located.”

Free Coffee and Snacks every week in Bright Hall at Ambler Campus
Free Coffee and Snacks every week in Bright Hall at Ambler Campus

This week’s sponsoring department is Ambler Campus Recreation Services. The service has previously been sponsored by Campus Police and Student Health Services as well. Paul Myers of Ambler Campus Recreation Services says some students have contacted him about services they saw promoted on the department’s posters. “People come by, they get a cup, find out what’s going on, its like cool, go check it out, and I get a few people every once in a while, they did not know that there are certain things that we have here on campus.”

Next week Barnes and Noble Bookstore sponsors the treats; be sure to grab yourself a bite and a cup of Joe before heading to class.

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