Ambler Helps Bring ‘Holland’ to Philly Flower Show


Philadelphia’s Flower Show is back at the convention center. It is the largest and longest running flower show in the country.

Along with the annual show, Temple’s Ambler campus gets their Landscape Design majors back in the competition.

Thirteen Ambler students joined forces alongside their professor to conceptualize, design, and implement their exhibit. This planning has been in preparation since the beginning of the fall semester.

These students have been working alongside each other to bring this project together, as well as designing their own segment of the full display.

This year’s theme for the show is ‘Holland,’ and with this Dutch theme, exhibits across the convention center display the color orange, tulips, bicycles, and windmills.

Temple Ambler decided to use this symbolism subtly in their work with a vertical axis wind turbine instead of a windmill and bicycle gears in their rain run-off structure.

During this process, Temple Ambler has held true to its values of sustainability in material choices and creativity. They utilize materials from past exhibits and repurpose them into their current project. This includes previously used walls and wood pallets. The students also go out of their way to find salvaged items to reuse in their work, like scrap metal and old bicycle parts.

Temple Ambler will compete against four other local colleges. Last year, they took home seven awards including the award for best interpretation for the theme “National Parks”.

The 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center from March 10th through the 19th.

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