Andrea Constand Testifies in Cosby Trial

Andrea Constand (Courtesy of AP Photo/Corey Perrine, Pool)

Andrea Constand was back in court Friday to face her accused assaulter Bill Cosby. She sat through a lengthy cross-examination, which continues into today. One of the principal items on the agenda for the defense was Constand’s civil settlement against Cosby back in 2006.

The former Temple employee settled for 3 million dollars back in her 2006 civil suit with Cosby, but is taking the stand once again, claiming that she wants justice.

When speaking about the 2006 case, Constand claims that she settled “because it was a very painstaking process for me and my family, it tore my family apart and we just wanted it over.”

Cosby’s legal team, lead by lawyer Tom Mesereau, has alleged that Constand is a “con artist,” seeking to frame and swindle Cosby for his money. The defense has also brought up evidence of past economic negligence on Constand’s part, including several emails related to a pyramid scheme distributed by Constand during her time at Temple University.

In her official testimony, Constand claims that she took three unknown blue pills at the comedian’s behest, and awoke paralyzed before Cosby assaulted her. The defense instead argues that the encounter was consensual. Defense spokesperson Andrew Wyatt told Associated Press Friday that he expects the jury to find Cosby not guilty following the testimony.

Today’s testimony included the defense also questioning Constand’s inconsistencies in police reports. Initial police reports described Cosby and Constand as “acquaintances,” despite Constand describing Cosby as a close personal friend in prior meetings. Small inconsistencies such as these have been brushed off by Constand, but the defense hopes that they will serve to discredit the prosecution’s claims and reliability.

Cosby’s trial is expected to continue tomorrow. Stick with Temple Update for more details on the trial as they emerge.

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