Annenberg’s New Addition


From SERC, to Wachman to the streets of North Philadelphia, Temple is making renovations everywhere. The latest project at Annenberg Hall will make an impact by giving the building a modern look. The news ticker that was installed last week is now up and running.

David Boardman, the Dean of the School of Media and Communications says “It’s up there now, it looks beautiful. Really, I hope that students pay attention to it you know, now that it’s up there. Make sure you read it and see what is going on in the news, talk about it. And then any suggestions that students have about how we can make it more useful for them, then we will.”

The ticker will be screening information from CBS 3 as well as KYW but, the Dean has big plans to incorporate his students. He says “Ultimately as we are able to develop out and grow Temple Update, Temple News, and W.H.I.P. I’m hoping ultimately we are able to largely supply for ourselves.”





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