Annual Touchdown Toss

Although small in height, some of Temple’s biggest fans participated in Temple’s annual Touchdown Toss this past weekend.

Despite the football team’s tough loss this past weekend, and even tougher season, some fans still look up to players as role models. Some even hope to be in their shoes one day. Because of this, Temple likes to give those fans the opportunity to experience a little bit of what the Owls experience during game day.

“Just being out on the field and experiencing this, it’s pretty cool,” said one 14-year-old boy who participated.

When the game ended Saturday night, most fans said goodbye to the Owls for the last time at home this football season. But for some of those fans, the night was just beginning. The 35-degree temperatures and the 20-mile an hour winds were no match for these kids.

As a group of boys were walking out they screamed, “Yeah, we had fun, man. That was awesome!”

Temple hosts the Touchdown Toss every year for children ages 14 and under. They get to come down on the field, catch a pass thrown by their parents and then run it into the end zone.

Chris Simon, a parent at the touchdown toss said, “We came for an experience for the kids. And I’d like to personally thank Temple University. This is a very kind gesture on their behalf.”

The Touchdown Toss is a free event, however participants must have a ticket for the game. That was no problem for these kids, though; they were there to support their favorite team.

“We’re here in honor of the Temple football team, especially number 10, Chris Coyer,” said Mariesa Janney, a participant at the Touchdown Toss.

“We came to see Temple beat up,” said Raymond Lyman. “But unfortunately we took a loss, but we’re having fun on the field. “ His son added that he caught the ball on his first try, and that he had a great time.

Despite the bitter cold temperatures and extremely heavy winds, nothing was going to stop these kids from coming out and showing their stuff. There might have even been a future Owl on the field.

Although the football season is just about over, the basketball season is just beginning. On Sunday, February 9, at 1:30, Temple is hosting a similar event at the Temple versus Memphis men’s basketball game at the Liacouras Center. Children ages 14 and under will be able to come on the court and shoot a basket. For a complete list of promotions this 2013-2014-basketball season, click here.

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