AppleTime Festival at Peddler’s Village

Holiday and festival traditions are continuing through the season despite new COVID regulations.

“I’ve been coming here for…since I was little… a while actually” says village guest Jess Kuvacki. ” Yeah, pretty much the same, arounf this time or Christmas” her friend Hailey Thompson added.

Peddler’s Village will be running one of their biggest fall weekends differently this fall. Instead of their annual Apple Weekend festival, they will be holding a two-week long AppleTime in the village.

This event features apple-themed food and beverages that are offered in restaurants located in the village.

“I just had this drink that was like Apple Pie which was absolutely delicious, it had little hints of caramel in it too, it was so good” says village visitor, Kaile Martinelli.

As a result of the pandemic, sanitation stations have been places around the village to ensure that guests are being safe and protected during their visit.

According to Kaile Martinelli, the effort put in by Peddler’s Village made her feel comfortable and safe. “Originally me and my family were a little nervous about coming down with everything going on, however coming here they are really big with staying six feet apart, and there are sanitation stations all over the place. It feels safe” she says.

The AppleTime fesitval at Peddler’s Village will be running until the 15th of November.


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