Owls Take The Capitol


Temple students trekked through the rain to the Student Center at an hour when most would still be asleep on an ordinary Tuesday.

But this was no ordinary Tuesday for this group of 50 students.

It was “Owls on the Hill” day.

A day where students have the opportunity to go to the state capitol in Harrisburg and talk to state legislators.

Students made their way around the capitol in matching red and white rugby’s to share their “Temple story” with lawmakers and their staff.

Many of the students came to Harrisburg to advocate for university funding.

Sophomore Aaliyah Ahmad, says ” I think it’s very important that we speak to the people that [have] the most control over the funding of Temple University and that we understand that we do have some sort of power over what happens to Temple University.”

Legislators took notice of the students and not just for their matching attire.

State Senator Anthony Williams, who is running for mayor of Philadelphia, says that Temple students advocating is beneficial for the students as well as legislators.

“You being here puts a face to how important it is to appropriate and of course your red and white shirts look actually fabulous and the work you are doing in that regard means that you are serious about it and I think it’s great,” Williams said.

Ken Lawrence, Senior Vice President of Government, Community, and Public Affairs commends students for taking the time to advocate and says it benefits the university.

“It’s also tremendously helpful to the university as well when legislators can see the product of their support which is really our students,” Lawrence said.

Students hope that after their day of advocating that they will see results in the form of more funding to the university.

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