Behind the Notes: Student Music Recital

Thirteen students were given the opportunity to show off their piano skills at a recital called Beyond the Note. They have been preparing since the beginning of the semester.

Charles Abramovic, Chair of the Keyboard Department at the College of Music and Dance, has been teaching at Temple since 1990. He chose music pieces composed by Antonin Dvorak, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, Frances Poulenc, Alfred Schnittke, Gioachino Rossini, Benjamin Lees, Mortiz Moszkowski, and Aleksandr Scriabin to challenge students’ musicianship.

Charles Abramovic speaking before the performances start.

Abramovic stated, “I was trying to find short, attractive pieces, and things that would match the students’ abilities. That’s why I chose Dvoark and Korsakov.”

Abramovic made sure that incoming students in the program were able to hone and enhance their skills by being partnered with a veteran of the program. He believes that both students can learn from each other, no matter how much experience a person may have.

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