Behind the Scenes of the Tamron Hall Show

Temple University Alumnus Tamron Hall is the host of a new talk show that premiered on September 9th, 2019.

Tamron and her crew work hard to provide the viewers with a show that adds new elements to the typical day time talk show.

“With us, I think we have a unique lane that we can have a wide-ranging talk show. We are not locked into just celebrity, we are not locked into just having fun. We can have fun one day, we can have inspiration another day. We can have a controversial conversation. For example recently on anti-vaxing. So we are able to delve into things in a way that no show in day time is doing,” explained Tamron.

During the Tamron Hall show audience members are not just watching — they become a part of the show.

“I want you to know that you can reach out you can touch me and I am a part of this journey with you,” said Hall. 

On set, Tamron has stages where she can interview guests within the audience, wide aisles so she can easily walk up and talk to everyone in the room and even live skype calls during the show to fans that could not make it to the set in New York City.

“I think the best of who I am as a Journalist is my connection to people and I wanted this set and I wanted the feel of the show to be as intimate as you standing here with me,” said Hall.

The Klein Alumnus credits part of her success to Temple University.

“The best of who I am I learned at Temple. It is a privilege to go to a university like Temple and that it is a prestigious college, but you’re in the middle of one of the most economically depressed neighborhoods in the country. So you have this juxtaposition of being able to be fortunate enough to go to a four-year university, but you also every day walk out and you see real life and to me that makes that Temple experience so unique and that makes you grounded,” explained Tamron.

Tamron explained how the unique experience that Journalism students receive while attending Temple impacts their career.

“I think as a young journalist when you are going out in the field it instantly gives you sensitivity, and I think for me we bring that feeling of Temple to the show. I think that is why so many and I am not just saying this, so many Journalism students from Temple go on to great success because that experience of being at that university in that neighborhood gives you something that I do not think a lot of people have,” said Hall.

Throughout her show and life, Tamron says she stays true to herself.

“I think if the choice is being phony or being yourself it’s a no brainer. For me I don’t go out and really rehearse we have a produced show, we have a show with a format, but my words, my intentions, my thoughts are who I am,” explained Tamron.

Tamron Hall graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in Journalism in 1992.

The Tamron Hall show airs weekdays on ABC and you can wathch past episodes on the Tamron Hall show website.




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