Bell Tower Music: Thursdays at Saige Cafe

Members of Bell Tower Music are working on giving Temple University students a night of tunes.

Temple’s student-run record label has teamed up with the Saige Café to put on monthly concerts called Thursday’s at Saige Café. This is a chance for Bell Tower to showcase some of their own artists, while shining light on other local musicians wanting to break into the music industry.

For a small fee, students can see a showcase of musical artists, some of whom are signed to Bell Tower Music. Students can expect to see new artists like rappers, Eddy and KJ, and Xilomen at the next event in April. Bell Tower live events member, Evan Prince, says these performers are part of a new hip-hop/ R&B focus for the upcoming show. Anyone who is interested in attending the event can hope to receive a date for the upcoming show from Bell tower music in the next couple of weeks.

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