Bernie Sanders Suspends Presidential Bid

Democratic presidential hopeful and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has officially dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race, clearing the path for former Vice President Joe Biden to receive the Democratic party’s nomination for the 2020 Presidential election.

Sanders announced the news in a live stream from Burlington, Vermont at 11:50 AM Wednesday morning.

He started by thanking the hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and two million Americans who contributed to his campaign.

Sanders continued by reiterating the importance of raising the minimum wage, moving away from the use of fossil fuel, affordable education for all and guaranteed healthcare, adding that “healthcare is a human right, not an employee benefit.”

Sanders shared that during the primaries and caucasus, he received an “overwhelming majority” of votes from those ages 35 and under, saying “not only are we winning the struggle ideologically, we are winning it generationally.”

The address concluded by saying with 300 delegates behind Biden, he has concluded that his battle for the nomination is no longer successful.

He says he will work with Biden to move progressive ideas forward, assemble as many delegates as possible to exert influence on the party platform and defeat Donald Trump.

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