“Beyond the Notes”: Classical Concerts at Paley

Violinist Millie Bai of Boyer performing "The Butterfly Lovers' Concerto".
Violinist Millie Bai of Boyer performing “The Butterfly Lovers’ Concerto”.

Beyond the Notes is the library’s award-winning and beloved classical concert series. Now in its third season, the concerts are more diverse and imaginative than ever. From violin concertos, to gospel and spiritual songs, the concerts provide a varied range of music to be enjoyed by all.

Anne Harlow, the research librarian at Temple specializing in dance, music, and theater, has fought for live music in Paley for the past 10 years. Her dream finally came true 3 years ago when the library was given a piano, and Beyond the Notes was established.

“When the series first started, I was worried there wouldn’t be much interest,” Anne recalled of the first recital. “But, when I looked out the window before the first concert, there was a line out the door! People crave and want to hear live music.”

The concerts feature professors and students from Boyer, along with other talented musicians from outside of Temple.

“The concerts are a way for people from all over the university to come together and enjoy an inspiring, wonderful performance by brilliant performers and musicians in an intimate and calm setting,” said Anne. “They are high quality, but very low key!”

Students of Allen Krantz playing classical music on the guitar.
Students of Allen Krantz playing classical music on the guitar.

On plans for the future, Anne mentioned that the new library will have a beautiful event space, so that more concerts can occur throughout the year. Also, it will be a larger space so that more people can attend.

The concerts begin each Wednesdays at noon, and usually run an hour in Paley Library’s Lecture Hall on the ground floor. They are free, open to the public, and offer a delicious lunch and light refreshments to enjoy while watching a beautiful performance. For Boyer students, recital credit is given for attending.

The 2016-2017 season features 8 concerts throughout the fall and spring. Coming up next is A Concert 420 Years in the Making on Wednesday, October 12th. This concert will feature English madrigals by Thomas Weelkes and Italian madrigals by Salamone Rossi, presented by the Temple Ten, an elite group of Boyer College singers, and professors Edward Latham and Mitos Andaya Hart. To learn more about this concert specifically visit the library’s Performing Arts News Blog. For more information on the phenomenal, diverse 2016-2017 season of Beyond the Notes and upcoming concerts visit its blog post.

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