Bike Safety: Sharing the Road

Philadelphia is one of the top bicycle commuting cities in the nations 10 biggest cities, according to a study done by Bike PHL. Many Philly cyclists  face dangerous obstacles during their daily commutes.

Temple Update followed Senior Travis Southard through city streets to get a feel of what a typical day of a cycling is like.

Technically, cars are supposed to wait. Sometimes they’re very good about it and sometimes they’re really not.” 

Often, drivers in the city neglect to abide by basic traffic laws, including coming to a complete stop when they approach stop signs. More than half of car accidents of car accidents in Philadelphia alone are caused by aggressive or careless driving. Following basic traffic laws is a key element that will keep cyclists safe while they cruise through town.

Many bikers hit the roads, thinking drivers will respectfully avoid their bike lanes. Yet, oftentimes these lanes are not properly marked, which can make it difficult for drivers to navigate.  It was reported that more than 700 cyclists were killed on city streets in 2014. This statistic has city bikers like Southard reaching for their smart phones to Tweet out against their local government and demand change.

“All I keep hearing from them is we have such great bike infrastructure and it’s so safe. Great… if you feel that way, come take a ride with me because I have some notes,” says Southard.

As of now, a halt in the infractions has yet to be noticed by many Philly cyclists despite the efforts of  advocates like Southard.





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