Bill Cosby Found Guilty on All Charges

Comedian and Temple alumn Bill Cosby was back in court today as jurors delivered their final ruling in his assault retrial.

Cosby was found guilty on all charges. Cosby’s accusers, who sat in court as the verdict was read, let out an emotional response at the news.

Speaking publicly in front of the Montgomery County Courthouse after the ruling, Cosby accuser and actress Lili Bernard told the public, “I feel like my faith in humanity is restored.”

Though the accusations against Cosby are numerous, the comedian has been charged with three counts of aggravated and indecent assault, including a charge for the assault of former Temple employee Andrea Constand.

Each of these charges carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail. Cosby is currently out on bail until his official arraignment.

Supporters of the #MeToo movement are counting today’s verdict as a victory in their pursuit of justice for victims of assault throughout Hollywood. Many supporters of the movement have since taken to social media to express their satisfaction with the verdict.

Cosby’s legal team have attempted to claim that the encounters in question were fully consensual and that accusers like Constand are simply trying to take Cosby’s money and wound his public image.

The defense also has pointed to Constand’s three million dollar civil settlement with Cosby years prior. Constand claims that she let the case go because she wanted the experience to be over with.

Cosby’s sentencing date has not yet been announced. According to the comedian’s defense team, Cosby will try to appeal for an overturn of the verdict.

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