Boo At The Zoo is Back

The Philadelphia Zoo looks a little different this time of year as it hosts its annual Boo at the Zoo event. It’s  fun and safe way for friends and families to celebrate Halloween, and explore the sights. 

Nia Whitehurst says “It’s really cute to see all the little kids dressed up in like the ridiculous costumes and stuff, and just seeing the animals.”

Despite the current pandemic, the zoo felt it was important that it host the annual event.

Dani Hogan, Manager of Education Programs at the Philadelphia Zoo, says “Even if things change we can still love them, and they can still be fun and amazing, and the things that we think are important, the Philadelphia Zoo are happening no matter what happens around the world.”

Those who have already attended Boo at the Zoo expressed how they felt safe while still being able to enjoy the festivities.

“I think everyones wearing their masks and you know staying safe trying to so try to keep the six feet if we can,” says Christine Macaulay.

Nia Whitehurst says “From what I’ve seen, everybody’s pretty much spread out, and I guess cause the cold weather there not nearly as much people as there would be if we were like in the summer, and stuff like that so I feel pretty safe.”

Costumes are not required for anyone attending the event, but rather encouraged. Tickets must be reserved online in advance for those who wish to participate.

Boo at the Zoo will remain open from Friday, October 30 until Sunday, November 1.

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