Brexit faces protestors at March

Adults, kids, and even dogs, marched to Parliament Square in protest of Brexit.

Organized by “Put it to the People,” attendees heard from notable speakers such as, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, past Deputy Prime Minister, Michael Heseltine, current Members of Parliament, and more.

The March’s main mission? Getting another vote on Brexit.

Jessica Jackson, a university student, came with her friend Julia Rosell Jackson and Julia’s mother Helen Jackson and shared why she believes the people should be given another vote, “As a UK citizen who was born abroad in Hong Kong I think it’s my duty to rally for what’s right and what happened in the 2016 referendum with all the fake news and misinformation and lies, I think it’s ridiculous that we’re not given a second say seeing as MPs are given three.”

Most protestors came out with their own signs, outfits, and flags explaining why a second vote was necessary.

During the march, I stood outside the Houses of Parliament where over one million people came to protest Brexit. Many left their signs behind on the gates surrounding, hoping to leave a message.

“The reason I’m most passionate about coming to march is because I think the last vote wasn’t fair and so I want us to be able to vote with all the facts, and that’s why I wanted to put it on a sign,” University student Julia Rosell Jackson said.

For the O’Flynn family, informed protestors came as young as 12 and 6 years old, “the jobs are stopping, people are losing their jobs, no one is going to house much holidays no one can move freely when they want to and overall it’s a bad idea,” said Lajla O’Flynn.

Moving forward, some protestors like Leo Buckley are hopeful for the future and believe the UK will stay in the EU, “If we continue with Brexit state predictions, 12 percent drop in the economy, already food’s a lot more expensive, the pounds dropped to 20 percent, we’re losing our good schemes like erasmus so education but more fundamentally, as it stands we’re members of 27 other nations we can stand to live, learn, work, fall in love, get divorced in 27 other countries and that has been taken away and that too large a sacrifice for a country as integrated into the European community as ours to make. So we’re going to remain.”

Marchers had hoped to get another’s people vote before expected March 29th vote in Parliament and departure of the EU, however, Members of Parliament denied the vote and the EU pushed back the UK’s departure to April 12th.

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