Bursar’s Office Sponsors “Owl About The Money”

Reporter Ashley McLean talked to students after an Owl About the Money event on April 5th in the SAC of Temple University.

The Bursar’s office put together this event to give students helpful tips on how to be financially responsible.

Speakers Doug Schantz, Elizabeth Anselmo, and Tina Knight conducted creative discussions on how to manage your money.

Elizabeth and Tina stressed that you need to take in account everything your spending monthly including food, bills, and entertainment in order to calculate your total cost of living.

When you keep track of your total cost of living you can keep all you finances in order relieving yourself from any financial burdens.

Doug took a different approach by having the students play a game called “The walking debt.”

Separated into teams, the students got to make decisions throughout each level that would contribute to their financial standing. This gave students a first hand take on how every decision they make in real life affects their student debt.

The University hopes this event gave students the tools to provoke better decision making with their finances that will help their student debt for the future.


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