Campus Police Gear Up for Big Weekend

With both Halloween and the big Notre Dame game taking place this weekend, it’s a big weekend for Temple Owls. It’s also a big weekend for Campus Safety Services.

“We will have all available personnel available and working both Friday and Saturday,” TUPD Capt. Eileen Bradley said.

After four people have been the victims of robbery at gunpoint at Temple within the past two weeks, there is a concern about safety on and around campus, but Bradley said crime is actually down.

captain bradley
Capt. Eileen Bradley shows off TUPD’s Halloween safety tips. (Click for larger view)

“Robberies are down 29 percent,” Bradley said. “It’s how you feel about it, and you see it in the news, we did not have TUalerts all those years ago, now we notify the students.”

Students Update spoke to did not seem too concerned, but knew their boundaries.

“I mean, obviously there are areas that you shouldn’t go out there at night,” Addie Cassidy, freshman, said. “But I mean as far as campus goes, I feel pretty safe.”

Student behavior will also be under close watch. State Liquor Control Enforcement agents will be on campus and at Lincoln Financial Field, Bradley said. They will be on the lookout especially for open containers and underage drinkers.

Bradley said penalties include losing driving license for a period of six months.

Increased bag checks will also take place at University housing.

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