Candidates Battle for PA Voters

As election day quickly approaches, now just 12 days away, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have made serious efforts to win over the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Trump and Clinton made back-to-back stops in our area recently, and our crews were there to capture their campaigns.


Two very different scenes erupted as both presidential candidates made their continuous push for Pennsylvania over the weekend.

Republican nominee Donald Trump made a stop in Newtown at the Newtown athletic center Friday night while Hillary Clinton rallied at University of Pennsylvania the following day, joined by running mate Tim Kaine.

Both candidates told supporters how important it was to get out and vote as they went through their quite diferent policy plans

“We will save the 2nd amendment,” said Trump.

“We have to take on the gun lobby and have commonsense gun safety,” countered Hillary.

And as usual the candidates did not shy away from taking jabs at each other, with Trump claiming Clinton is unfit for the presidency, while

Clinton also endorsed Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Katie McGinty while criticizing her opponent Pat Toomey for not standing up to Trump.

“He heard him engage in saying terrible things about women.”

But female Trump supporters told us his comments about women did not affect their decision to vote for him.


“That was 11 years ago and I think that was a differet situation and he’s a different man now,” said Liz Youse.

According to Ballotpedia’s latest poll, Clinton is leading Trump by 6.8 points in Pennsylvania.


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