CDC Issues Further Warnings Regarding Lettuce Poisoning

The CDC has now officially declared that some romaine lettuce being imported into the United States may be safe to eat but has continued to warn of further E. Coli risks.

Following an outbreak of E. Coli infections that incapacitated 43 consumers, the CDC last week issued an order for restaurants and retailers to dispose of all romaine lettuce currently in circulation.

Since issuing the warning, however, the CDC has since determined that the outbreak likely originated from farms in Central-Coastal California.

Romaine lettuce from the Central California region has now been identified as the culprit in this month’s current E. Coli outbreak.

The CDC has also stated that all lettuce will now also be labeled with its place of origin for consumers and distributors to be better aware of its place of origin.

This outbreak marks the CDC’s 3rd investigation into U.S. E. Coli infections this year.

In September an infection related to ground beef lead to 18 reported infections and 1 death, and a more widespread lettuce infection in June lead to 210 infections 5 deaths.

Symptoms of E. Coli include severe vomiting and stomach cramps. Those who suspect they may be infected should seek medical assistance immediately.

Students seeking medical attention for possible foodborne illness can visit Temple’s student health center for assistance.






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