Center City Restaurant Donates Profits to Those in Need

A new restaurant in Philadelphia is doing its best to help out those in need.

Rooster Soup Company, a brand new eatery from the same guys that brought you Federal Donuts, recently opened on Sansom Street in Center City.

“I heard about the cause, thought it was really great, so I stopped in; this is my fourth time here,” said Lauren Correa, who was grabbing a bite to eat with a friend.

The restaurant serves all your favorite comfort foods at an affordable price. But that’s not the only thing that keeps patrons coming back; the Broad Street Ministry, a community outreach program for those who need assistance, receives 100% of the profit.

“It runs like any other restaurant. It has to pay its bills, it has to pay its rent, its insurance, its labor, all the purveyors,” said Erin O’Shea, Executive Chef of Rooster Soup. “What’s left over at the end of the day, instead of going to a single owner or group of investors, it’s going to Broad Street Ministry.”

The campaign to bring Rooster Soup to fruition began back in 2014, when a crowd fund page with the quote “What if you could help someone who really needed it, just by eating lunch?” Today, over 1,500 people have donated to the cause, bringing in $179,380 to date in efforts to get Rooster Soup off the ground.

“Philadelphia was very generous, and so everybody helped to create this. And that’s what makes it so special, that it’s something built by Philadelphians, for Philadelphians,” added Chef O’Shea.

Now Rooster Soup has a home, with a menu offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, which helps fund the Broad Street Ministry’s many programs.

“It’s something that you know Philadelphians helped start and they can take pride in and come in; you eat something, you’ve done good,” said Rachel Spiegel, Assistant Manager.

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