Changes to Temple Dining Services

Temple University Dining Services Closes Morgan Dining Hall, and Introduces Grubhub Ultimate Services

Morgan Dining Hall has closed among other dining changes at Temple this semester.

Vice President of Business Services, Michael Scales says that the residential dining halls on campus were not reaching capacity, and Esposito Dining Hall located in Johnson and Hardwick is better equipped to accommodate students.

The closure of Morgan Dining Hall means that students on the South side of campus must walk to Johnson and Hardwick Hall to use their meal swipe.

For some students, like Chloe Reeves, the walk to Johnson and Hardwick raises safety concerns.

 “I feel sympathetic for the students that live at Morgan…they’re expected to walk in the dead of night across campus to get food that they’re supposed to be getting from Morgan Hall. It’s not safe.”

In addition to the dining hall being closed this semester, Morgan has also closed Bento Sushi and Starbucks. Some students feel strongly about this because they created their meal plan around certain dining options.

“If I had known they were going to close down Bento sushi, I don’t think I would’ve even purchased a meal plan this semester,” says Reeves. 

Finally, the university has also added Grubhub Ultimate for hopefully a quicker, more convenient way for students to order food when class schedules are tight. 

Students can order at the kiosks located in the Student Center Food Court and Panera, or on the Grubhub app.

Aside from these residential dining changes and introduction of Grubhub Ultimate, students should be on the look out for some new additions. Panera Bread is now open in Pearson and McGonigle Hall, and Owl City Pizza is coming soon to Morgan Food Court.

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