Christmas Village Returns to Love Park

The holiday season has finally arrived and shoppers from all over the city can come to Philadelphia’s Christmas Village at Love Park for all their holiday needs. Modeled after a traditional German market, the Christmas Village features unique items you make not find on the selves anywhere.

Christina Kalff is the Market Manager for this year’s Christmas Village and expressed how the village is unique. “I just love the whole atmosphere, I just love Christmas and it’s really nice. We have all these international vendors here and they’re selling great things and the food is really good.”

Sixty wooden booths are line all around Love Park for the village and feature vendors that come from all over the world. But the items found here can’t be found anywhere else. Most items are hand made and can’t be found in any other store or on any websites.

Ukrainian native Igor Banforov runs a nesting doll stand that sells hand made wooden dolls and model houses. “All this stuff was made by real people, it’s not like a machine, so all this stuff is hand crafted and painted, so a lot of people spend a lot of time making this.”

Unique items aren’t the only thing you can get here. The Christmas Village also has booths that sell a variety of foods that range from Belgian style waffles to German bratwursts. “I think my favorite thing about the Christmas Village is the aroma that’s going around. It smells like they have a lot of great food here,” Northeast Philadelphia’s Juan Williams said.

Shoppers will have their chance to visit the Christmas Village at Love Park here in Philadelphia until the 27th of December.

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