Cira Green is Philly’s First Elevated Park


Philadelphia got a little greener a couple weeks ago when Brandywine Realty unveiled its newest development: Cira Green.

Cira Green, located between the Evo and FMC towers in West Philadelphia, isn’t just any park. Situated 95 feet above street level, this 1.25 acre, $13,000,000 park is the first of its kind in Philadelphia.

Jeff Weinstein, Vice President of Construction and Urban Development at Brandywine, says that Cira Green wasn’t always on the company’s agenda. Originally, the space going to be a continuation of the parking garage beneath the park, but eventually evolved after parking needs were eliminated.

This elevated park is noteworthy not only because of its height, but also because of its utilization of a pervious pavement system that holds rain and storm water for the green spaces on the roof. According to Brandywine, this differs from a “conventional green roof [which] are limited to the ability of the planted roof to absorb direct rainfall,” rather than hold it for periods of time.

The public now has access to the park through an elevator entrance located on Chestnut and Thirtieth streets.

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