City Officials Provide Updates on Public Gatherings

Due to the ongoing public health crisis, the City’s Office of Special Events will not accept or review any public gathering or special event of 50 people or more until February 28, 2021. This deadline may extend if needed.

This decision applies to festivals, parades, concerts, carnivals, fairs, residential block party, and flea markets. Pending applications will not be further reviewed or processed.

The decision does not apply to First Amendment-protected activities such as demonstrations. It also will not apply to outdoor gatherings that are not publicly advertised such as picnics or weddings with less than 50 people, organized outdoor group activities for youth and adults with less than 25 people and events or gatherings taking place on private properties.

Event producers and managers are to follow the guidelines put forth by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has confirmed an additional 148 cases of COVID-19. This brings the city’s total to 27,723 cases.

There have been an additional six deaths, bringing the total to 1,637.

Dr. Farley has addressed the delay of COVID-19 testing results and people being infectious without knowing.

“If you’re tested make sure you isolate until you get your test results,” he says. “It may be seven days or more.”

Philadelphia is averaging a 1.3-day delay in test results, with a big difference in delay for those testing negative than those testing positive.

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