Clinton Rallies at Phila. City Hall

Chants of Hillary Clinton’s name filled Dilworth Park Monday night in a last minute effort to clinch votes in the City of Brotherly Love.

Hundreds waited for hours to see the former Secretary of State, who took the stage around 7:45 pm. Her speech came just hours before the polls opened Tuesday for the Pennsylvania Primary Election.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney introduced Secretary Clinton to the crowd, and pledged that Tuesday he would “jump out of bed, run across the street to [my] polling place, and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton!”

But what drew the most applause of the evening was a performance of the National Anthem by the Brown – Alexander sisters to welcome Mrs. Clinton to Philadelphia.

Ariana Maier, a supporter of Clinton’s campaign, told Temple Update’s Kylie Winkler that the Former Secretary of State’s stance on women’s rights is what was most important to her as a voter. Bobby Papachristoa, however said Hillary’s stance on immigration reform and minimum wage is what draws him most to the former secretary of state.


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