Clinton, Trump Find Victory in PA

Pennsylvania (PA) PrimaryAfter multiple campaign stops throughout the state of Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton has claimed victory in the Keystone State.

Secretary Clinton took the stage at the Pennsylvania Convention Center a little after 9pm in Philadelphia, walking in to the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor. Mrs. Clinton won 95 of the 189 delegates up for grabs. Besides winning Pennsylvania, Clinton also won delegates in Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland. She still needs 232 delegates to secure the nomination.

The Clintons have a long history with Pennsylvania; President Bill Clinton won the presidential race in 1992 and 1996, and Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania over President Obama in 2008 by 10 points.

Senator Bernie Sanders announced Wednesday he plans to lay off hundreds of campaign workers after another night of disappointing losses. Despite layoffs, Sanders claims he will remain i the race. The Senator only beat the former Secretary in Rhode Island, earning 55% of the vote. Sanders earned 67 delegates from Pennsylvania’s Primary.

On the Republican ticket, Donald Trump took victories in all five states Tuesday, claiming 109 delegates. The real estate mogul still needs 283 delegates to claim the Republican nomination. He gave a victory speech at the Trump Tour in New York City around 10pm. Trump was predicted the winner in all five states as early as 8pm, when the polls closed.

John Kasich took only 5 delegates of the night, while Ted Cruz took just 3.

Cruz announced on Wednesday he plans to run with Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential running mate. Fiorina ran for the Republican Presidential nomination herself, but dropped out of the race in February.

Here’s a recap of Tuesday’s delegate count:


(D) Clinton – 27

(D) Sanders – 25

(R) Trump – 28

Delaware (winner takes all):

(D) Clinton -12

(D) Sanders – 9

(R) Trump – 16



(D) Clinton – 59

(D) Sanders – 32

(R) Trump – 38


(D) Clinton – 95

(D) Sanders 67

(R) Trump – 17

Rhode Island:

(D) Sanders – 13

(D) Clinton – 11

(R) Trump – 10

(R) Kasich -5

(R) Cruz – 3



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